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It generally works well.  You can cook in any combination of microwave,
grill and  convection.  If you mix the cooking methods you have to take care
though.  For example, if you microwave a pizza and finish it off under the
grill, then you can't cover the pizza otherwise the film will melt when you
grill.  Also you cannot use plastic dishes with convection, but you can with
the microwave.

Generally though it works very well.  Not cheap, but it does the job.  You
can download the instruction manual from the Cobolt site.

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I was wondering if anyone on the list owned the Cobolt Talking Combination
Oven? This is a microwave, convection oven and grill all in one. If there
are any users, how do they find it? I'd like to have some user feedback
before forking out £269.00.

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