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 Hi Ray,

Yes, all the reviews have been very interesting. It seems a great shame that 
the confusion over the two models and what actual file types that they will 
support can not be clarrified by the purveyors. I can't imagine that any 
deliberate confusion can do their sales any good.

Colin F

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  Hi Colin.  I can only add to your interesting post that APH seem to have last 
updated the bookport software/firmware around last September.  I would like to 
know too exactly what the arrangement is between APH and Springer Design, apart 
from the latter providing the basic hardware, or so it seems.

  Some of you may be interested in the Movo player which is reviewed at the 
same source as the review I mentioned, (but the latest January issue), as this 
is a screenless MP3 playerwhich seems to be very navigable by the blind;  but I 
don't think its specifically a 'blindnes' product.  Its very reasonably priced.

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    From: Colin Fowler 
    To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  Hi Ray,

    Yes, the url to that comparison review was indeed very useful. However it 
would appear that there is a lot of confusion amongst all would be purchasers 
both here and in the states.

    At 06:10 PM 8/28/2004, you wrote:
    >Hello, all. I have just finished searching the nfbnet archives for
    >information on the book courier and book port. I am wondering if I can get
    >feedback from current users. Quite a while back, I read a great thread
    >discussing the two units at length posted to the NABS list. From what I can
    >tell, th product.e book port and book courier units are pretty much the 
same on the
    >outside, though a bookport user I spoke with tells me that there are a few
    >extra buttons on the bookport, making it easier and less involved to get to
    >certain functions on the unit than on the book courier unit. From what I've
    >read, both units are manufactured by Springer Design, and Springer Design
    >contracts out the sale of the book port to APH. APH wanted a unit that 
    >be able to read Braille files from web braille and other sources, as well 
    >requiring that the unit be able to read HTML and MS Word documents. To my
    >knowledge, the book courier has all of the same functionality as the book
    >port, except that it is unable to import and read MS Word, HTML, and 
    >documents. Is this so?  Would any users like to comment on these two units?
    >I am considering purchasing one of the two units in the next few days. I am
    >torn, because I don't want to have to resave all of my files as text
    >documents in order to read them on the book courier, but you get a $40
    >discount on the book courier if you are a bookshare.org or kurzweil user,
    >something you do not get when ordering a book port. Someone please fill me
    >in on the pros and cons of each unit. The book courier costs $379 or $339
    >with the $40 discount, and book port sells for $395. Is it worth the extra
    >$56 to get the book port which can read several more file formats? If
    >Springer Design has contracted out the sale of book port to APH, will the
    >company continue to update the product? Please forward this message to
    >anyone you know who has either a book courier or book port. I am very
    >interested in all of the input I can get

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      Perhaps there are some current Book Port or Book courier users on the 
list that candispel the confusion and doubts?

      Colin F

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