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  • Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 11:44:52 +0100

Hi Andy,
Difficult to resolve such issues without actually having the machine to
hand. However, it would appear to be a screen display issue rather than
anything else.
Does your laptop have scree adjustment controls on the side or edge of the
screen? If so, it may be as simple as these having been disturbed
accidentally, i.e. contrast being turned up too high etc.
Another possibility is that the laptop has function key operations which
switch it to another mode or screen display, i.e. pressing and holding down
the 'FN' key and pressing another key. These are toddle keys, so pressing
the same combination would reverse the function.
Don't know whether you can read the labels on the keyboard, these are quite
small and located either at the top edge of the key or bottom and are
normally colour coded to indicate whether it is a 'shift' function or an
'FN' function. Your laptop user manual will have information on this. I do
know that there is an 'FN' mode function that turns the screen off, and it
may be this that has happened. It is easily done as the 'FN' key is located
quite close to the 'ALT' key.
Sorry not to be more helpful, but try investigating the above to see if an
accidental key combination has been pressed to make the screen as it is.


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Hi John -
I can't say when the screen was last ok, I only discovered yesterday that it
I'm using an HP laptop -

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1. When did the screen last work OK;
2. What have you done since the last time you knew the screen was OK, i.e.
installed a new programme, changed configuration settings etc etc;
3. Are you using a laptop or a PC with monitor.


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Hi all -
I seem to have a perminant light blue screen, be it in an app or online. If
I write a document in Word, insert5 reports black on white, but what is on
the screen isn't visible to eye sight.
Any thoughts?
Thanks -

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