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Hi Chris,

What is the Word file extension?  Is it dot doc, or docx.  If it is the latter, 
you won’t be able to open it in Word 2003 unless you install an special add on 
from Microsoft.

See Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File 



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Hi List,

I downloaded a word document from the RNIB web site (tvonix instruction manual) 
 but it won’t open up in word, is this because I'm using word2003, it says 
their was a problem opening the file and i should check, file permission, disk 
space, open the file with the file text recovery. I noticed when i go into file 
application there’s a convert text option in there, should i use that? Can 
anyone help? Or has anyone got a workable copy of this document they could 
email to me? Your help will be appreciated. I have just ordered this top set 
box and would like to read up on it before it arrives.

Thanks in advance.
Using jaws14 with win7


It might be a MHTML file.

If so copy it to your computer and then open the file thus:-

1. Press the file menu and use down arrow to you see
2. Web page preview
3. Press enter.

You may now be able to read the file.

This happens a lot with files that are downloaded from a website.

Hope this helps you.

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