[access-uk] Re: 64byt machines

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 17:23:13 -0000

I bought a 64 bit machine a couple of months ago but as screen readers won't 
run on this configuration it's run at 32 bit rate. So I get most of the 
advantages and still keep my Supernova.  

I did hear that one of the latest version of either Jaws or Window Eyes is 
supposed to be compatible with 64 bit systems but after the initial 
announcement nothing more was forth-coming.


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  Hi all!

  Went to buy a new pc last week but discovered in the nick of time the one I 
had chosen had a 64byt operating system, am I correct in thinking no screen 
reader will currently work with this system? The strange and frightening thing 
is I didn't think to ask, nor did the sales person inform me,  it was pure 
chance I decided to ask a techie person who I know. 

  best wishes 


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