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I use the arrow keys to steer, down arrow to centre rudder  and the up arrow to 
ease sails completely with right hand, also the left and right arrow on the 
number keypad to turn the camera left or right and 5 to return to normal, the 
left thumb is on the ` key next to the 1 to toggle the map view and left hand 
to raise sails, sometimes i use the mouse to look around and zoom but i find 
the map view zoomed in very useful, ( I dont play the piano)

Cheers, John.

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I don't know if this can be useful for all: I use the "Q" "W" "E" key to helm 
(4th 3rd and 2nd fingers), "space" (thumbs) to show map, so I have the right 
hand free to mouse operation (sail change, zoom and so).
It is no easy but I find it very good (I play piano too!).

You can configure the keyboard in the  "input" initial OPTION.

Sometime I use the "bloc NUM" to manual sail with "/" and "*" key (next to bloc 
num) to slow the boat ...

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Hello !!!!

It needs months before i discovered how to get a usefull view in  
racing VSK. I have noticed that John asked about:


I allways use the way LIESE answered. It gives a gradual view: zoom  
with the wheel you get details when an other boat is close, de-zoom,  
you get an global view of where are my friends or my opponants. Moving  
the mouse changes the angle from where i see my own boat (that has to  
be made when presssing the right mouse button).

Try it if you didnt know that trick.

CU toonight comrads,


Filippo: you have to know that when a boat is close to you in front  
and nearer the wind than you, she makes "bad air" on your own boat,  
especially in downwinding. It is sometimes advantageous to gybe in  
order to refind clear air.

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