[acc_tr_vsk] Re: Features of the Future (JIEL)

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:22:01 +0000 (GMT)

I did receive your "test request" and I will change the receiving email address 
from my email address to acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx so all people on the mailing 
list can test the Team Race Request Form if they wish. The change will take 
place later today. Just keep in mind that this is a work in progress and might 
look a bit weird from time to time as I change things around.

I am glad we are on the same track but I still need a clearer picture of 
exactly what you wish to accomplish using a webpage. The Request Form is 
written into the webpage and is automatic as far as sending the request to the 
mailing list but how exactly would you like people to react on the webpage? A 
very easy method would be to create a "guestlist" or "guestbook" in addition to 
the request form where visitors could sign in and comment on any particular 
challange or request. That would be like a "mini forum". 

As far as updating the "Current Challenge" and "Challenge Results" tables, this 
is not automatic as of now and still needs editing via the FWYC web server. I'm 
still not sure how to integrate and display the data from a request form on the 
webpage instantly. Frankly speaking, I don't think this can be done without 
manual trancription of the request form and manual editing of the webpage on 
the server side. If I was to somehow use XML, the .xml files would have to be 
updated manualy as well. After all, computers are nothing but machines 
programed by people and aren't as "smart" as they appear to be. 

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Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010 12:25 pm
Subject: [acc_tr_vsk] Re: Features of the Future (JIEL)
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> > I have created a webpage with a Team Race Challenge Request 
> Form, 
> > Current Challenges and Challenge Results. When a team submits 
> the 
> > request form, it can be sent to any email address but right 
> now it 
> > is setup to send the form to my email address. I did this for 
> > testing to see if it works properly but I was thinking of 
> changing 
> > the recieving email address to the VSK Addicted mailing list 
> address 
> > (acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx).
> I just filled in the form. Do you got it ?
> > Since we all would recieve the request using this method, 
> after 
> > recieving a request I can program the webpage to reflect 
> "Current 
> > Challenge" information and after a challenge is completed I 
> can 
> > program the webpage to reflect "Challenge Result" 
> information. This 
> > is a far cry from an automated system but I'm still working 
> on one.
> > Is this something like you were looking for Jean-Luc?
> Yep, very good ! I have understood that the form is to request a 
> challenge that all will receive. But how a alone skipper or 
> another 
> team reacts when receiving the form ? Send me one to check.
> > As far as setting up a forum, I'm an old pro at that. What 
> kind of 
> > forum do you want? SMF (Simple Machines Forum), V-Bulletin 
> Forum, 
> > phpBB Forum? I would recommend an SMF forum. They are highly 
> > costumizable with many features that could be very useful. I 
> could 
> > have a forum up and running for you in the time it takes to 
> click a 
> > button. Once again I offer the power and services of the FWYC 
> server 
> > if you want or need but I'm not going to waste my time if you 
> don't 
> > want my help in this way.
> Haha, dont climb on the wall Mike ! Your help and expertise is 
> greatly 
> appreciated ! If the form can be automated and skippers can 
> react, no 
> need of a forum. If you agree with the stategy i mailed before, 
> we 
> then just shall require registeration to the mailing list to 
> allow 
> race with us (when PW-ed races).
> CU soon !
> Jluc

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