[AAMT] Re: Certiport and Premiere Pro exam results from our AAMT meeting

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Ty Susan

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, Bell, Susan M <smbell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Colin and all,
> I am on the phone with one of the tech guys at Certiport trying to resolve
> the testing environment issues we are having with our PCs at CBE. While I
> had him on the phone, I spoke to him about the issue we had with the
> Premiere Pro exams at our AAMT session two weeks ago.
> He has indicated that there are some scoring issues with exams if the
> device is using the wrong browser.The challenge is that some of the exams
> need Safari (InDesign and Illustrator) and some need Chrome (Photoshop,
> Premiere, Dreamweaver, and Flash). Since Premiere Pro exam needs to be
> taken using Chrome, if it was run using Safari, he said that it looks like
> it works, but there can be issues with scoring.
> Apparently when you click the desktop icon, it will launch the exam in
> whatever the default browser is set as. So when you want to take exams on
> the browser that is not the default, you need to open the correct browser
> first and then drag and drop the desktop icon onto the correct browser to
> launch it.
> I am not sure which browser is the default at your lab in Rocky View,
> Colin, but that may have been part of the problem. I hope this helps.
> Unfortunately, we wasted at least 6 vouchers on exams that produced invalid
> results. I am not sure whether we want to ask for replacements or not. They
> have said we would need to go through our regional sales person.
> Sue Bell
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