[30daysv3] Day 6 - Go go gadget hands!

  • From: Kristofer Bergstrom <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 30daysV3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 06:04:16 -0700

A bit more coordination practice today.  The drills are getting
shorter and shorter!  Just 13 unique lines today.  Short and sweet!
Do them now!  I'm serious!  Right now!  Don't make me use more
exclamation points!


Q/A, Errata/Suggestions, Thoughts

Q - I'm finding I can do some of the exercises at a bit faster bpm
than suggested in the booklet. Is it better to a) stay at the bpm
recommended in the booklet and work on relaxation, steadiness, and NOT
speeding up even though I know I could or b) to go ahead and speed the
metronome up to the point where the exercises are quite difficult? -

A - No, you don't need to stick to the bpms I've set.  Absolutely feel
free to adjust them to keep you challenged and interested.  Be careful
to always err on the side of doing a drill properly, and by properly,
I mean in control and relaxed.  But if you've got it at a particular
tempo, try it faster, or reverse the hands - anything to keep your
brain challenged!  Great work! - Kris

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