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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 11:01:18 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you...oops, new problem. My new freeware firewall, Kirio 4 (which is 
pretty nice), caused Firefox to pause while asking me if permit/deny (this 
permit/deny feature can be turned off if you get tired of it; the TDS-3 tech 
guy wrote that he turned his off, possibly because TDS-3 and Wormguard do 
pretty much the same thing dynamically instead of by program name). 

Anyways, by the time I clicked on permit for Kirio 4, Firefox stopped opening. 
I'll have to reinstall Firefox. Firefox is a bit crashy, but it has the very 
nice feature that it can stop pop-ups. For some reason, IE quit working too the 
other day. Possibly part of the price I pay for running GhostSurf, but 
hopefully this will be worked out somehow. 

GhostSurf is a fairly feature-rich program and has a feature called 'blast 
transfer', in which it searches for multiple anonymous hubs, and not only jumps 
around to anonymize web surfing, but it can also be set to pick the fastest 
hubs, making web surfing faster sometimes with GS than without it.

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It is "for the originating website only".  Means the same thing, no
third party cookies.

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