[24hoursupport] Re: how to reconstruct splitted files

  • From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 14:26:41 -0500

Hello Samy,

>    my problem is that nowhere in the program and/or in the readme file is
>explanation how i or the person who receives the pieces from me  ( my
>purpose was to slpit mp3 files into smaller pieces in order to send them
>by email ) will reconstruct the whole file again...

Usually, these kinds of program both split files into smaller pieces and
rejoin the split files into the original file again. 

In many cases the parts can be rejoined using a different file splitting
utility because many of those kinds of programs actually use a standard
file splitting technique from the days of DOS. In fact, it may be that the
pieces can be rejoined without using a special program, just what is
already on the machine, since DOS did have this capability built in. But
the best bet is to use the same program to join the pieces that was used to
split the file, that avoids any incompatibilities and is usually also
easier than using a DOS command line.



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