[24hoursupport] Re: how to change the printing size on IE?

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  • Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 12:35:36 +0900

Thanks very much for your time, Ron!

I eventually 'solved' the problem myself. It was not the driver of the
printer, since it was the high end latest Canon Laser color PS printer. In
the Detailed Settings, I changed the Enlarge/Minimize at Graphics from 100%
to 90% and then I got everything printed out...What is strange to me is that
this happens not to many other websites but the VCDHelp (so far). I do not
know if it is relating to its original setting when made web page...Anyway,
I have got what I am after. Thanks again!


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> Hello Ewen,
> I went to the site you mention and printed the main page using IE 6. It
> off a few characters on the right side, printing in normal portrait
> orientation and all my default settings including .75 inch margins in page
> setup.
> I then changed the margins in page setup to .25 all the way around, and
> site printed fine for me.
> It may very well be your printer driver. One problem I encounter in my
> is certain printers cutting off things like page numbers on reports when
> they are located in the lower right corner. This has been confirmed to be
> buggy printer drivers. See if your printer has an updated driver available
> for download from the manufacturer's web site and see if that helps. It's
> generally a good idea to keep your drivers updated anyway, in my opinion.
> My printer is an older HP LaserJet 5p that has just chugged along for
> 6 or 7 years now, with the default drivers installed by Windows XP Pro
> setup. Since I installed it just a few months ago, I haven't checked to
> if any updated drivers are available for my printer on the HP web site --
> should do that. There were none when I first installed XP.
> Beyond that, since I can't duplicate your problem I'm not sure how much
> more help I can be for this, unfortunately.
> HTH,
> Ron

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