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Hi Suzy,
This from Sophos AV;
Don't let an auto-responder fool you during Sobig worm outbreak

Sophos has received reports from customers concerned about auto- responders
that are wrongly accusing them of sending an email infected with the
W32/Sobig-F worm. 

'Sender forging' or 'spoofing' is when an email address of an infected
computer is replaced with another address, often randomly plucked off the
infected computer by the virus. Sender forging is normally done just before
the virus sends itself out to more potential victims. By changing the
address in the 'Sender' field, no one knows who sent the email or where it
came from. 

Some gateway applications that scan email attachments for viral content
email auto-reply when a virus is found. If the 'Sender' name has been
forged, the auto-reply can be received by an innocent party, causing undue
confusion and stress. A false accusation may even harm your company's
relationship with clients. 

"Sobig-F is not the first virus to forge email addresses," said Carole
Theriault, technology consultant at Sophos Anti-Virus. "Other notorious
viruses such as Bugbear, Fizzer, Mimail and Klez have also used spoofing.
The confusion generated has often allowed viruses to spread faster and

Sophos recommends that users do not respond to emails from auto-responders
accusing them of being infected and spreading the Sobig-F worm. However,
they should consider double-checking their computers for the latest viruses
just in case they are genuinely infected. 

It is also advisable to run email gateway scanners such as Sophos
MailMonitor to block viruses from being sent into or out from a network -
however, as seen above, Sophos advises that setting up an auto-respond
mechanism is fraught with problems.

I hope this helps.

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On 22/08/2003 at 7:44 PM SuzyQ wrote:

OK, a few people on my graphics group -- including myself -- are sending
posts to the group and receive back a postmaster message that the post was
undeliverable.  I've checked the archive and a couple of my posts which
were 'undeliverable' have shown up there -- but certainly not all. 
Any ideas as to what is going on?  Is it in any way related to this virus
going around?  I've done several scans (on & off-line with completely
updated dat and engine files) and have found nothing on my computer.

Just confused & would like at least a possible answer for this.


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