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Good evening

To correct spiders slight oversight  the proper
moderator/owner addresses are as follows:

>24hrsupportheldesk-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or


*********** REPLY SEPARATOR  ***********

On 10/6/02 at 07:31 AM Spider wrote:

>There has been a few test messages posted on Yahoo
and the subscribe
>rate for Yahoo is increasing daily.  I have figured
it might take a
>month or two to get established since I did not take
the step to cut one
>of the lists off when making the change like I did
when we started
>Freelists.  My intention this time is to let
Freelists cut itself off if
>that is what ends up happening.  Be sure to address
any problems with
>subscribing or unsubscribing to the moderator of the
effected list.(
>24hrsupportheldesk-owner@xxxxxxxxx or
>24hoursupport-moderators@xxxxxxxxxxxxx )
>Largo, Florida 33771

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