[24hoursupport] Spam Out of Hand, Any Suggestions?

  • From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hrsupporthelpdesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 13:02:45 -0400

Hello Friends,

I have been almost completely spam-free for years because 
I practice good email procedures and use throw-away email 
addresses whenever I need to give an email address out to 
an unknown or untrusted person/company.

In the past few weeks, I have been inundated with spam, 
mostly advertising very questionable offers on 
pharmaceutical products. I have never made any inquiries 
anywhere about this kind of product, and to the best of my 
knowledge have not accidentally revealed my email address 
anywhere other than my usual haunts.

I use MailWasher Pro to both delete and bounce these 
emails, but every now and then one slips past me. The 
problem is that the sender is not getting the message that 
I am not interested, and I am now considering this 
continued barrage as pure harrassment.

I unfortunately believe that I may have gotten onto this 
scumbag's list through one of these lists. Has anyone else 
been recieving an inordinate amount of spam offering 
pharaceuticals in the past several weeks? Maybe we can 
narrow the source of this down.

At any rate, any suggestions on how to get this stupidity 
stopped? I'm not interested in this stuff to start with, 
and I would never, ever buy from these cretins now 
regardless of what deal they might offer.



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