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Hello Folks,

I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes. In my case, it is not at all 
severe yet, and can be controlled through diet and exercise (or so they tell 
me). The regimen for this entails detailed logging of everything consumed and 
the nutritional content and when eaten, what excercise performed and for how 
long and pulse rate achieved, and, just to make things more interesting, the 
results of finger-stick blood glucose tests several times a day and the times 
of the tests.

That's a lot of logging of a lot of stuff, and I've never been one to keep a 
diary much less a detailed one like this needs to be. 

However, I _am_ one to turn to technology for answers to problems like this :)

And so... I am now in the market for a Pocket PC, which I will carry with me 
and mainly use to log all this stuff. I want a good or very good unit, top of 
the line or pretty near, probably, that will last me for some years. And I'm 
only interested in units that run the Windows CE OS that I can program for 
using Visual Studio .NET. No point having this nifty computer if I can't write 
my own software for it :) Although there are commercial database products 
available for diabetes management, I'll probably end up rolling my own.

I'm just starting to look, but this is a different world than the desktop PC 
world I'm used to and I admit to some initial confusion. I'd appreciate any 
suggestions for specific brands and models and any advice on specs and 
features to look for.

One question I have already, HP apparently produces some units that use 
the "Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC, Professional Second Edition" 
OS. Is this Windows CE? Can I program for this using VS.NET? This is totally 
uncharted waters for me, and I have no clue yet what to even be looking for.


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