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In order to get specific help, post what Outlook version you are coming
from and going to.  Often times people refer to Outlook Express as
Outlook.  They are two different programs with two different file
structures.  Are you using Outlook 2000 or 2002 or Outlook Express 5 or
6?  If you are using Outlook, do your addresses also show up in your
Contacts folder?  In any case, if you want to try on your own, look
under the File option in either program and you will see an option to
Import / Export.  Give it a try you won't hurt anything.  Post back with
the versions and either I or someone else should be able to give you
more specific help.


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Can someone help me with importing and exporting an address book?=A0 I
just got=20

a new laptop and I want to add my addresses into Outlook from my old=20
computer.=A0 Someone said I needed to save as something linke comma
values but I have no idea what they mean.=A0 Is is easy enough for this=20
computer illerate woman to do?
Thanks so much in advance,

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