Voice and data networking, services, radio operators

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Integra technical

Technical information about High-Cap activities in the Seattle Area

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CDRTool Users

This mailing list is for users of ag-projects' CDRTool. CDRTool is a support system for SIP service providers. CDRTool allows real-time mediation, rating and web access to Call Detail Records generated by SIP Proxies, VoIP gateways or network access equipment using RADIUS protocol and is licensed under GNU PUBLIC LICENSE version 2.0. Note that this list is not affiliated with or endorsed by ag-projects.

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MPEG Audio Subgroup general reflector

For general communications to the members of the MPEG Audio Subgroup

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Wired/Wireless designs on ASICs or FPGAs.

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Getting Beyond Monopoly in Telecom

Discussion of the transition from monopoly to competitive telecom

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This is a mailing list to discuss the development of the project, a free and open source (parts AGPL3+, parts GPL2+, parts BSD-licensed) Progressive Web App and accompanying server infrastructure to make calls from smartphones to community cellular networks. The main project page of this project is: The main source repository of the Web App is: The main source repository of a Docker-compose containers setup for setting up the backend server infrastructure is: The main source repository of the Kamailio webrtc gateway configuration is at: The repository for the push notifications server is at:

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Spreadtrum Linux Kernel Discussion

This mailing list is a part of Spreadtrum Open Source Community for discussion of patch linux kernel based on mobile processor.

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Common log format for amateur radio competitions

Development of standard contest log format for amateur radio competitions held in Russia (russian cabrillo).

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Oconee Emergency Services Dispatch

Oconee Emergency Services Dispatch. This Listsrv will be used as a convenience to first responders, firefighters and EMS in the Oconee county SC. This listserv will be used to supplement our current dispatch system. All personal are volunteer.

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ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc.

Mailing list for ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. Press Releases and Information.

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Networking Issues

This is a list addressing the networking issues related to our SOHO networking system in Lodi, CA.

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Engineers and Technicians from a small Little Rock based Cable Television Company will be discussing various problems related to the delivery of high speed data and video to approximately 105,000 subscribers in a four state area of the mid south. We need a way of communicating network issues via email, and to have a searchable database of problems solved and pending.

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Snoqualmie Fiber Resident Action Committee

Group of Snoqualmie Residents volunteering to make Municipal Fiber a reality.

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Euro-wireless Tech

Email forum for technical disucssions surround ing mobile internet and associated technologies.

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Radio amateurs members of the Association of Radioamateurs of Venezuela in Caracas. List to receive radio information and activities.

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