Voice and data networking, services, radio operators

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Glasfaser fuer Herrenshoff

List for discussions arround fiber to the home in our home town Herrenshoff / Korschenbroich

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rede digital comunitaria

We wish to discuss free comunity suported alternatives to the current isp's available in portugal

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ACS Study Group

ACS (Verizon Telecommunications) Study Group

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Cherokee County 911 E-Mail List

The purpose of this list is to enable employees of Cherokee County E-911 to communicate better by centralizing and email address that broadcast to all employees at one time.

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ACS Bicyclist

A list for ACS bicyclists.

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The list is intended for discussing technical issues arising during the setup and operation of WLAN's. Chatting will be mostly about WLAN's but may also extend to subjects like external antennas, antenna patterns, new products etc.

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Toronto Pride Hams

A mailing list for the Toronto LGBT Amateur Radio Operators and radio-friendly folk.

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TNMS Core personnel

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Companion Devices WG

The Companion Devices Working Group focused on creating a generic PP-Module that can be used to secure devices that are tied to another (such as a mobile device)

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List of radioamateurs in Venezuela

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Maryland Member List

Members are amateur radio operators who volunteer their time and technical expertise.

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Radio Amateur Transmitting Society

Anything HAM Radio. This list will be used for the highly technical field of Amateur Radio operations. It will consist of how radio operators participate in this field especially using the internet, computers, and electronics. It will also consist of new leading-edge software digital radios used in computers, internet propogration of signals, and satellite communications. It will especially consist of the combining of radio technology and computer technology.

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Mid America Telecommunications Association

The Mid-America Telecommunications Association (MATA) is an organization of telecommunications professionals dedicated to advancing our operational, management, and technical skills.

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This is for Low Power TV operators and people interested in one of the best and easiest broadcast mediums for the small operator to get involved in. Low Power TV allows a person on a limited budget to give the people in his area local programming that is overlooked by the big boys.

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Funkamateure Ludwigshafen

Mitteilungsliste der Funkamateure Ludwigshafen - Bulletin list of Ludwigshafen ham radio amateurs

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