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SISTH - Homeland Emergency communication technology

I want to create this list after I noticed a lack of a list or forum dedicated to all facets of Homeland Emergency communication technology, diffrent groups have subforums at other sites, but there was no one place for all emergency communication operators to gather and share ideas. And as we all know "Communication is Key". You can be an Amateur Radio Operator, CBer, member of a CERT or S&R team, or work as Red Cross Staff, or a 911 dispatcher. The primary purpose of this mailing list is to facilitate communication among government technician and other interested technician, on subjects mainly (but not exclusively) related to spectrum utilization, programmation, new technology, formation and operation coordination.

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Thailand Emergency Communication Club

Thailand Emergency Communication Club - Ameture Radio technology to serve emergancy communication.

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The mailing list RadioTube, along with the site, aims to integrate communicators and the like, forming a social network that produces the collective knowledge and information among citizens.

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LTE & 4G

This forum is about 4G (ITU IMT Advanced), LTE-Advanced (3GPP), WiMAX, 3GPP2 and other proposals, mainly about technology.

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This list is to be use for sharing ideas and news among the transport community in the Imperial Valley.

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Ok, its a Internet Radio dedicated to different themes that got to do with Linux, techno-ecology, perma-culture, recycling technology, and culture in general, including some programs about music and even Psychology and Philosophy.

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FTA 1 Verteiler

We are students in a technical class in Germany and need a mailing list so that all of the class can find each other. We also have a website that you find on

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iPhone upDates

A newsletter with reviews of some interesting iPhone apps, things to avoid, useful accessories, and other bits and pieces relating to the iPhone. Tends to be Melbourne-centric by design.

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Any hardware/board related issues regarding these two memory technology.

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SpeechForge Discussion Forum

SpeechForge serves to promote the adoption of open source speech resources by the speech technology industry. This list provides a discussion forum for issues related to SpeechForge activities.

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We wish to discuss progression of ASN.1 technology.

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BroadbandSentry news

Combining your real world with your wired world, mobile phones, Email, Web Browser, Home and Office Networks. Be alerted of Fire, water, Temperature problems, and control your home or office. Including Business essential Office email, and Web Servers. All using the communications tools you already rely on! Every year thousands of homes and business are affected by water, fire, theft. Now connects the technology you already have with an affordable web based service. For home owners an affordable (starting at $5.00/month) alternative to traditional alarm system monitoring, with advanced remote control features. For businesses monitor alarms, sensor points and internet infrastructure (web, Pop3, SMTP servers). is please to announce the BroadbandSentry-UPLINK solution. a user friendly device to connect Alarm systems, water, temperature sensors, switch or relay closures to BroadbandSentry-UPLINK accepts four relay or switch's, using a standard barrier wiring strip. All network settings are pre-configured and require no user modification. The user connects their sensors to the barrier strip, plugs in the Ethernet cable into their home network, and the AC power module. The rest of the configuration is done at, with three status lights on the BroadbandSentry-UPLINK, installation is a snap. Starting at $150.00, additional options include water and temperature sensors. connects to off the shelf networking available from and numerous retail outlets. Third party network devices for the Internet and Ethernet implement functions as varied as weather stations to pressure and temperature logging are also supported. A vast array of sensors, door, window, light, smoke detectors, motion detectors, temperature sensors, and remote controls are also available. Web camera image can be archived, and motion detection features will detect changes in the image and forward it to your mobile phone via MMS. All at using your Broadband cable or DSL connection. Using BroadbandSentry-UPLINK or any of the numerous ways to connect to, you are always in touch with your world, via SMS (instant messages), MMS (multi media messaging), WAP, and Emails sent to your phone. The service connects all the technologies people have into one web based service, using affordable, and simple to use hardware. And is just the beginning of a family of web based services C.S.D Inc. and it's partners have to offer. Custom installations, Web interfaces, Hardware solution, and systems services are offered by C.S.D. Inc. and it's partners,

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Software Defined Network

Discuss Software Defined Network related topic

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T.P.S pour tous avec le terminal magique de Visiosat TVS4500

This lists distributed informations and latest software to use the Visiosat TVS4500/TVS4600 satellite terminal efficiently, and provide a way to develop the 'Super' service associated with TiPiS channels.

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Muni Broadband Resources

This update list keeps municipal officials and others informed about Craig Settles' Municipal Wireless Snapshot Reports, articles and additional muni network planning resources.

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