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Mean's Computer Academy

This is a technology related list aimed at all PC owner's, intended to be a user's guide to computing and troubleshooting. In addition to the online free PC troubleshooting advice that subscribers can get here on the list, there is a regular once a month newsletter that will be sent out as a tech help for people to let them harness the complete power of a desktop as well as to make their PC work for them. Most people buying a PC do not ending up doing much more than email, chat and word processing. This list and its corresponding newsletter is supposed to increase awareness regarding getting the most out of today's very powerful software and also to teach users PC maintenance and virus free computing. The discussion and newsletter includes topics like: 1. Getting to terms with Windows. 2. Keeping PCs up to date. 3. Using powerful suites like MS Office and Corel graphics suite and others to their full potential. 4. Avoiding and knowing the latest virus outbreaks. 5. Avoiding physical harm from computer use (repetetive stress injuris) and proper ergonomic computer use. 6. Latest shareware applications and how they can be useful. All definitely technology related topics.

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NoobToob Welcoming Committee

This is the officially mailing list of the NoobToob Welcoming Committee, helping new members to post threads and replies on forums efficiently.

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Teen Central Email List

Teen Central is a website and message board which helps teens support eachother through any problems and issues they face. The core is our website at and the forum which will be up soon. The main purpose of the email list is to notify members of news with TC.

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Powerpoint Streaming teaches visitors about various ways to provide streaming powerpoint presentations on their Internet or Intranet sites. It has been written up in PRESENTATIONS magazine.

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CCALAC HCCN PCMH Peer Group Mailing List

This mailing list is for members of the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County's (CCALAC) Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Peer Group.

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This list is open to anyone in the computer technical support arena. Including but not limited to MCSE's, CNE's, A+, Network+, Linux, etc. If you are involved LAN's (Local Area Networks) or stand alone PC support then this list is for you. Topics will include helping you with questions to certifications and day to day troubleshooting. Remember the only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked!

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Welcome to the HackFix Project news list, where we keep you up to date when new fixes for older trojans and info on new trojans are published. If you hate checking for updates on our webpages only to find nothing of interest has changed, this list may be for you.

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Amity Forum Kochi

A group composed of professionals working in and around Kochi dedicated to causes of spreading social values, charity, social welfare and education.

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TV tech support

give and receive tv tech support

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jaws help

everything pertaining to the jaws for windows screen reader: scripts, questions, problems, comments, and anything else to do with jaws

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Windows 2k Active Directory

This is a place to discuss Windows Active Directory

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Visally impared and blind user tech talk

Visally impared and blind user tech talk Talk about anything to with technolgy. Must have be visslly impared inclodes blind. No limtations other that what is in the (frelist agreement)

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Opportunities to Help our Extended Princeton University Community

This email list is for people who would like to be aware of opportunities to help out those in the extended Princeton University community who have been hardest hit by this pandemic. As an example, our friends at the 701 Cafe have been furloughed. While Linda, Erica, and Jesse continue to receive medical benefits, they are no longer receiving regular paychecks. Linda is doing well and sends her regards. As a manager, she was grateful for the opportunity to participate but chose to direct the focus on Erica and Jesse, who both have GoFundMe pages. See the list archive for links to their pages, or simply search for 701 Cafe on GoFundMe. If you know of other people/opportunities, please feel free to share the info with this list. Thank you.

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Guide Support

Support for Guide users from Software Express Distribution Limited.

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A group of couples exploring the linkages between meditation and environmental and social issues

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