mca: Mean's Computer Academy

This is a technology related list aimed at all PC owner's, intended to be a user's guide to computing and troubleshooting. In addition to the online free PC troubleshooting advice that subscribers can get here on the list, there is a regular once a month newsletter that will be sent out as a tech help for people to let them harness the complete power of a desktop as well as to make their PC work for them. Most people buying a PC do not ending up doing much more than email, chat and word processing. This list and its corresponding newsletter is supposed to increase awareness regarding getting the most out of today's very powerful software and also to teach users PC maintenance and virus free computing. The discussion and newsletter includes topics like:

1. Getting to terms with Windows.

2. Keeping PCs up to date.

3. Using powerful suites like MS Office and Corel graphics suite and others to their full potential.

4. Avoiding and knowing the latest virus outbreaks.

5. Avoiding physical harm from computer use (repetetive stress injuris) and proper ergonomic computer use.

6. Latest shareware applications and how they can be useful.

All definitely technology related topics.

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