Support and Help

Technical support, user services, Q&A, etc.

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Fountain Hills Crisis Response Team

This list is dedicated to the volunteers of Fountain HIlls' Crisis Response Team as a means of communicating within the team response related information.

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Trowbridge Men's Shed Community group promoting mens health and providing somewhere to go for a chat. Also extending to other age groups and genders as somewhere to go to share and learn new skills. Woodwork, technology, 3d printing, electronics and anything the members want to cover.

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Thandi Mayekiso

The South African government is currently the biggest employer in South Africa. This list is to keep our followers up to date with any new vacancies that were published by the Public Service and Administration Department. Communications are announcement only and this list will be mostly of benefit for South African citizens or people with a South African work permit. Visit our website at

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Access-UK Users Group

This group is designed for blind and visually impaired computer users to discuss all aspects of their specialist software used to enable them to access their computer. It provides a support network where users and professionals in the field can help support each other and discuss and hopefully, resolve, issues or problems surrounding the access technology.

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Rev Run Boulder 10 min Pace Thursday 6 PM

List of runners participating in the Revolution Running run group in Boulder, Colorado. 10 min/mile goal pace, meets at 6 PM year round on Thursday.

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Home 4 Hope

Working toward Homelessness Prevention, Reduction and Ending it in Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla & Wheeler Counties in Oregon.

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XyWrite Mailing List

A discussion group for users of XyWrite, the classic DOS and Windows word processor. Although most problems were resolved long ago, we continue to work on, and talk about, adapting XyWrite to modern operating systems, making it interoperable with browsers, email clients and other apps, and exploring its endless potential for customization, especially by means of the versatile XyWrite Programming Language (XPL). This group is a continuation of the mailing list hosted for many years at the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts at the University of Pennsylvania. We are not affiliated with that institution, or with the present or past owners of XyWrite.

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Arizona Mooji Sangha

This list is an opportunity for us to share ideas and events with participants of Arizona Mooji Sanghas.

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Lgbtq technical assistance for child welfare

By subscribing to this group, you can access free LGBTQ technical assistance for child welfare in CA. You will receive quick answers to any questions you may have concerning CCR and new policies affecting LGBTQ youth. This includes assistance with STRTP or RFA program statements, questions you may have about a case and any help you need regarding LGBTQ youth in child welfare.

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Tibbits Computer Consulting

Technology information, updates and "How-To"s passed on to clients of Tibbits Computer Consulting.

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BrailleNote Users Forum

Welcome to BrailleNote Users (braillenote). This forum is a community-driven forum for users of BrailleNote family of products from HumanWare.

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Michael's OpenSCAD/Nabble Test List

List to facilitate testing of Nabble Hosted OpenSCAD Forum/ mailing list interface. Will be small and low volume.

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KRC Mailing List

By subscribing, you will get the latest updates on the KRC site. I will usually include full tutorials on the mailing list and a link to the section on my site. I will try to include the latest updates regarding technology generally (could be anything). If I have time, there will be an up-to-date news on the current viruses and fixes for them. This is really a newsletter to send out to the subscribers to view, but if you have a question that you want to ask, either post it here or on the messageboards at Yahoo (ez2compute7206).

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The ppurpose of the mailing list "pomagala" is to gather blind people from the ex Yugoslav countries, in order to discuss and share experience in using special ades for the blind. The discussion regarding the easyest ways of getting them on affordable price should be also available. Any offensive language, will be punished with the explanation by the owner.

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For help on using Spacecadet and computer graphics software to render stereoscopic views destined for lenticular images. From Three Guesses. See

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