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ListRank: 64ListRank: 64 Volunteer Discussion List

The list is to support volunteers in the volunteer process. This means that this list should be used to discuss scanning and proofreading tips, thoughts, suggestions, and questions. It also can be used to discuss accessibility questions and/or concerns. We suggest that other conversations unrelated to Bookshare volunteering be moved elsewhere.

ListRank: 64ListRank: 64 Discussion Group

This list is for discussing your use of and questions concerning, a project of the Benetech Initiative. enables those with print-related disabilities to legally share copyrighted text in alternative electronic formats as prescribed in the Chaffee Amendment to U.S. Copyright Law. The list is open to members, subscribers and others interested in learning about or sharing their experiences using Bookshare, sharing tips about how best to utilize Bookshare, technology used for reading Bookshare's books, and for sharing book recommendations. We suggest that other conversations unrelated to Bookshare be moved elsewhere.

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River City 3 Railers

The River City 3 Railers are the O-Gauge Special Interest Group of the Richmond Freelance & Prototype Model Railroaders, a 501(c)3 non-profit entity dedicated to educating the public about the history of railroading through public model train displays.

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HOA Plehanova 63a

A small mail-list for our home-owner association at place, where I live - Russia, Perm, Plehanva str., so I and my neighbours could discuss questions and suggestions, related to our condo complex.

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The Association for ecological economic research (VOeW) is an inter- and transdisciplinary network. The VOeW is a non-profit association and argues with questions of sustainable development as well as its practical conversion. The special emphasis of the activities is on the area of sustainable economy and technology and the contribution, which enterprises, politics and universities in addition can carry out. The network offers various contact contacts between science, politics and practice by the composition of its members and its activities. Apart from the exchange of the members among themselves, which is supported by working groups and this listserver, we organize meetings of different kind and direction. The aim of the list is to disseminate and discuss topics related with environment, economy, environmental technology ("green technology") and sustainable development.

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NTA Hampton Roads Chapter

This list is for members and associates of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the National Technical Association (NTA). NTA is an IRS 501 (c)(3) organization of minority technical professionals and students dedicated to supporting one another, to career awareness and professional development, and to encouraging and motivating our youth to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) based professions. We reach out to students to create awareness, opportunity, and experiences in math, science, engineering, computers, and technology to enable them to be successful in school and in their professional pursuit of STEM-based careers. NTA is the oldest technical professional association of minority scientists and engineers in the United States (incorporated in 1926).

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Castlehill & Pittodrie Community Council

A list for members of Castlehill & Pittodrie Community Council to discuss business and prepare meetings.

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Orange County Module Railroaders Members

Private list for members of non-profit club, Orange County Module Railroaders. A model railroading club that sets up an operating HO scale layout at train shows, home shows and other events.

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Native Orchid Conference

The Native Orchid Conference was started by a group of individuals who shared a common interest in natural history in general, and orchids in particular. It is managed by a seven member Board and governed by official by-laws. The NOC has over 500 members representing most US states and Canadian provinces as well as several other countries. The Native Orchid Conference was incorporated in North Carolina on March 21, 2003 and is tax-exempt under Section 501(C)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. MAJOR ACTIVITIES AND OBJECTIVES: Establish an active network of native orchid enthusiasts Promote and actively support conservation efforts Participate in research projects Conduct annual symposiums Publish a periodic journal Maintain an internet forum Award research grants

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Discussion list for members of the Rocketry Organization of California, an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educational outreach through rocketry. ROC is Section #538 of the National Association of Rocketry, and Prefecture #48 of the Tripoli Rocketry Association. See for more details and our launch schedule.

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Society Of Professionals with Visual Disabilities [SOPVID]

SOPVID is a society that brings together blind professionals in order to find solutions on technological issues and hold discussions on matters specific to their professions and how best technology can be used to enhance their experiences.

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Consiglio Aidmen

Lista Direttivo Associazione Italiana Documentazone Marittima e Navale, topics on Maritime an Naval history documentation

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Greater Hampton Roads Regional Black Alumni Council (GHRRBAC)

This is a listserv for Black alumni of Virginia Tech who live in the Greater Hampton Roads / Tidewater area of the State of Virginia. The Greater Hampton Roads Regional Black Alumni Council (GHRRBAC) is a group of concerned VA Tech African-American Alumni dedicated to supporting and enhancing the VA Tech Colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, and others through diverse recruiting, mentoring, and nurturing of new and prospective students. The GHRRBAC also provides programs and activities designed to increase professional development and networking opportunities for alumni who are part of the council. The majority of GHRRBAC list members are skilled professionals in science, technology, and business fields.

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River Oaks Homeowners Assc.

This is for the ROHA Exec. Board to send email to all board members without everyone to maintain an email group of their own .

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Broadkill Beach Preservation Association Board

Mailing list for BBPA Board Members

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