Technology in music, internet audio, recording, etc.

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Hastings Rock Organising Committee

We are a group of Radio enthusiasts who organise a month RSL Radio Broadcast every year to cover the town of Hastings in East Sussex, bringing 24 hour a day Rock music, this list will be our communication tool to arrange the broadcast for next year...

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Folk DJ Discussion

Folk DJ Discussion is an electronic discussion group for DJs and other people interested in all folk-based music (bluegrass, old-time, traditional balladry, traditional international music, singer-songwriters, etc.) on the radio. This group is open to any DJs who are reporting their playlists to be counted in the Folk DJ chart.

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CHS Parent Pep Band

The CHS Pep Band supports the Marching Greyhounds of Carmel High School, in Carmel IN. We perform at marching band send-offs and other community events.

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FredericksBurg Ukulele Ensemble

Mailing list for folks in the Fredericksburg area who play Ukulele

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The Q Online

This is a listeners list for the Internet radio station, The Q Online. Listeners will subscribe to this list and keep up-to-date on all the happenings of the station. Posted here will be schedule updates, announcements, show specials and more!

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This list is here to save old music from Yugoslavia, that was recorded on old 78 rpm discos. On this list people can talk about old and forgotten singers and musicians from our country.

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Rhapsody Script 2010

Rhapsody script for the new rhapsody engine. This works for the latest version dated 2010

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Stay tuned! Lalaland Infos! Releases! Dates! All inside!

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Tyler Zahnke fan mailing list

This is the official fan mailing list of Tyler Zahnke, the local Michigan Musician. Fans can subscribe to get updates only. This is not a discussion list. This is more or less an official Tyler Zahnke fan newsletter, for concert dates, album releases, download links, etc.

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Phear Mailing List

Mailing list to keep fans up to date will the band.

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iranian blind musicians

this list is for talking about technologies to create music which are accessible for blind musicians and help each other in producing music. also we talk about daw softwares and hardwares that blind people can use them to produce music.

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Schola Tynskeho chramu

List for choir in Teyn churche in Prague

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Talks about the Todai-Ocha folk-dance club. (Now, mainly used for announcements from the club)

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The Tear-Aparts

Mailinglist for the Band-Members only

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The Fraser Valley Quartet

Announcements from the Fraser Valley Quartet

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Andrew Thomas Music

Mailing list for all announcements made about the music of Andrew Thomas

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Crisis Engine

Updates on the music and projects of Crisis Engine.

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For fans of Altura from Omaha, NE! Early announcements for shows, exclusive merch sales, giveaways, contests, the occasional video message from the band, demo tracks, and more fun things!

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Peter de Jager - Pianist

Notification of the events and current projects of Melbourne-based pianist Peter de Jager.

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Stan's musical mailings

A quick way to let fans and friends know about my latest doings.

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Find woodwind instrument parts

This list will put you in contact with woodwind repairers around the world to help you find spare parts for instruments you are working on

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Updates and news for Dead Beats @ Bacchus.

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Corpsus Genous Band Discussion

This list is for discussion of the band, Corpsus Genous only. You can sign up for our other groups, like "Anything Goes" as well at and remember, to post to thiws thread, all you need to do is send your post by email to and it will be publicly available to see by members once it is approved by moderators.

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The Digital

The Digital - Indie/Rock

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Skadilly information, news and contacts. Find out more about our gigs and other events through this mailing list!

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Tom Peay Mailing List

Sending occasional newsletters from singer/songwriter Tom Peay informing subscribers of news, shows, recordings, and ticket information from

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Ninja Edit

Promotional updates relating Ninja Edit's future garage music and products.

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Perfect Symmetry

Official Perfect Symmetry Mailing List

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Digital Earth Mailing List

To recieve up to date information of gigs, releases please sign up

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Macaco Project Mailing List

Sign up to hear about gigs, album news and everything else going on with Macaco Project

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Falls Mailing List

A four legged ego making a right racket. Receive irregular updates from the idiots.

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Terenne nahravanie / Field recording

Česko-slovenský mailing list zameraný na terénne nahrávanie - teóriu, praktické skúsenosti, zdieľanie nahrávok a techniku. Czecho-slovak mailing list dedicated to field recording - theory, experiences, sharing and technology.

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Coventry Samaritans have formed a choir this year and need a way to keep in touch with each other that is easier than typing in all our individual email addresses each time.

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Ketron Audia

This is a list about Ketron audia, a keyboard multitrack recorder and sequencer from corporation Ketron

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Earth Vibration

Discussion list for Earth Vibration Sound System and Studio

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Verteiler Intaktchor Luebeck

This is the mailing list for the pop choir called intakt in luebeck germany. Please visit our site at:

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JC Broadcasting

Christian DJ & Multi-Media Services

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Affordable Shout Cast streaming services

Broadcast audio-video to the world from a computer, mobile or iPhone in minutes,Affordable Shout Cast streaming services

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Pentaphonic Brass Newsletter

News and information about upcomming shows and projects of the brass quintet "Pentaphonic Brass"

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There Exists Radio Admin

For Development of There Exists Radio, a community-based Internet radio project, using free software and freely-licensed music.

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sotbmg fanmail

this list is for all fans and supporters of stoneyonie on the beat/sotbmg. it was designed to keep fans/supporters of stoneynie alert when its any new updates, beats, songs, or any changes.

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New Gen Newsletter

We released our debut EP and are attempting to build a fanbase. To keep those people updated on what we're doing, we'll need a good email list.

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Neuroceptor Mailing List

Mailing list for Neuroceptor

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Agora Agency - Proposte Artistiche

Agora Agency - Proposte Artistiche - Cover and Tribute Band

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The Chamanas Mailing List

Maling list the fans of band called The Chamanas

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Suscribe to recieve news and invitations to concerts of Raumtaucher.

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Talking about music on linux platforms. Like ubuntustudio and programs like audacity and the use for some events we participate.

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Scott Wyatt Newsletter

This is the Newsletter of Exclusive updates from Country Music Singer-Songwriter Scott Wyatt.

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Updates about Patrick Green Music - tours, album releases and other art projects

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Frankman's Mailing List

News from the History of the 80s ...and more blog

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