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LinuxTrent - A proposito di libertÓ nella sfera digitale

Spazio di discussione *aperto a tutti* gestito LinuxTrent, associazione di appassionati di Software Libero/Open Source e di Informatica Libera in generale che opera nell'ambito della provincia di Trento, con un occhio di riguardo per Linux, ovviamente. Nella lista sono benvenute discussioni, richieste di aiuto, commenti e quant'altro sia inerente appunto con gli argomenti del Software Libero/Open Source e della cultura informatica libera. Nella lista *non* sono benvenuti messaggi con attachments (allegati) e messaggi in HTML (ogni mailer sul pianeta e` perfettamente in grado di spedire anche messaggi solo testuali).

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Erlug ML

This mailing list is for the Erlanger linux user group.

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This is the mailing list for the EROFS file system development.

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Free Software User Group - Calicut

This is the primary mailing list of Free Software User Group - Calicut (FSUG-Calicut). Any topic related to FSUG-Calicut can be posted here. For more info visit : or send a mail to

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North Central Ohio Linux Users Group

NCOLUG meets to discuss our common interests: Linux system setup, open-source platforms and applications, networks and security, hardware and computing anecdotes.

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A members list for the Juneau Linux User's Group.

A member's discussion list for the Juneau Linux User's Group. Topics include all flavors of Linux, the hardware Linux runs on, software that runs with Linux, and occaisionally a BSD topic comes up.

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Mailing List per il gruppo italiano di traduzione di Ubuntu Linux

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Husker Linux Users Group Mailing List

The purpose of HLUG is to provide support for Linux and it's applications, connect Linux users in the area, and expose others to alternative computing solutions they may not be aware of. The group has various events such as installfests, lan gaming parties, demodays, and has a regular mailing list open to everyone. Even if you aren't in the general physical area of Lincoln, Nebraska, feel free to join in.

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Kanchi LUG

Linux User Group of Kanchipuram

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Cochise Linux Users Group

The Cochise Linux Users Group was formed by Linux enthusiasts that want to promote the understanding and use of Linux in High School, College, Sierra Vista, and Cochise County. This user group not only focuses on Linux, but welcomes any BSD, UNIX, and Open Source users or developers in the area.

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Mailing list dei membri e dei fans del Linux User Group dell'Alto Vicentino.

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Raspberry Pi matters for the Visually Impaired

This list is for discussion and sharing of ideas or experiences from any blind or visually impaired users of the Raspberry Pi mini-computer

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ERLUG Organizationteam list

List for organizing the erlanger Linuxuser Group

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emelFM2 mailing list

Everything regarding emelFM2, the GPLed GTK+2 file manager is on-topic on this list. Bug reports, feature requests and comments should be posted here.

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Mailing list for Debian, Fedora and openSUSE fork of procps.

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