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Kongsberg Linux User Group

A list for the members of the Kongsberg Linux User Group (KongsbergLUG) to discuss and help each other with Linux-related questions and subjects.

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Show Low Linux Users Group Mailing List

For discussions of matters concerning Linux, FreeBSD and other *nix systems.

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Italian linux user group gadget share

We want to develope a system to let italian lug share their gasgets; we want to produce a sort of wiki/ecommerce portal

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LinTux Newsletter

This newsletter will contain all the latest news relating to Linux which will be compiled from various sources to help you stay abreast with all the latest happening in the Tux World. Through this newsletter people who usually have very less time in hand and cannot go through the various magazines and forums can keep themself updated through this fortnightly newsletter.

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Release and update announcements of hardening framework. This is an announcement list only, all other messages are rejected.

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Linux en Mxico

Noticias que impactan el uso de Linux y en general del Software Libre en Mxico

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Swahilinux Mailing List

This mailing list has been created to facilitate communication from to all Swahilinux Members who have joined one or all of our platforms

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This list is meant for discussing various trends in opensource , Linux, Android and aim for contribution to the community.

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System Administrators(Windows & Linux)

List of system Administrators

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Paradise Free Operating System Development Team List

This list is to assist a Team to develop an Open Source solution for Paradise Community Church. (PCC is located in Paradise, South Australia - Australia.)

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Open and free learnings

Its a open group to share the new technology related to open source and Linux environment.Anyone can join us.

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IAESTE Szczecin

List's talking about Linux use in teaching and practicing technical exchange (international IEASTE program) in Poland.

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Freethinkers allows to share the knowledge about free software and open source technologies.

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Tirunelveli Lug(Linux User Group)

Motivation of this group is to collect the Linux user who is present in tirunelveli and it's remote areas. This group is useful/helpful for FOSS activities in tirunelveli.

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GNUPG - PGP user group

List to promote PGP on campus

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