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Free Geek Michiana Linux Users Group

A Linux users group created for free box recipients and others with an interest in Linux in the Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan region to get together for learning and socializing.

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py-lmdb announce/discuss

Announcements and low volume discussion relating to py-lmdb, a Python language wrapper for the LMDB database engine

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Mailing list for the Boston University Linux Users Group. This list can be used to ask questions, propose ideas, coordinate meetings, etc.

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plastictree news

This list shall serve for news and announcements related to anything published on my website ( I will write to this list when I add items to my website. Others and I can write to this list in case we discover something interesting and want to let the rest of us know. I suggest that the real discussions are made in public, preferably on the usenet. Pointers to such discussions, however, should go to the list. What is about? I use this website to publish ideas, facts and software related to computer usability and security. I focus on unix-like operating systems, while pointing out their advantages over Windows where it is appropriate. My aim is to create a framework which will make it easy to install and configure unix-like operating systems in a secure and minimalistic way, resulting in well-usable systems. My site also provides some material on free software in general. The current threat to free software through software patents is one of the major topics.

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Pure AUR package maintainers

This list is for maintainers of the Pure packages for Arch Linux, hosted by the Arch User Repositories (AUR).

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Gruppo promozione

List for the Ubuntu italian marketing team, for coordination and support

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Terni LUG

Terni Linux User Group

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coordinamento LUGGe

lista di coordinamento del Linux User Group Genova we are a LUG (linux User Group) organized like a charity association. Actually we need another list to manage communications between our associates those are 49 and we suppose they will reach a 100 in the next 24 months. The list would be useful to organize events, prepare the PC&labs for the special events and day-to-day routine

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Linux discussion for the MGTC student chapter of AITP. Concentrating on how to find help, and on interoperability with MS Windows. Discussion of various tips and tricks, and pitfalls welcome.

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List for Latech Linux Users Group

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Updates about GNU/Linux developments and news from India.

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Jewel Window Management Development

A group of programmers developing a small, fast, featureful C++ OO X window manager with EWMH and ICCCM support. The aim is to do it right rather than support everything (FSVO "right").

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Discussions related to the usage of

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Boletim Thenter

Mantenha-se atualizado sobre os artigos, projetos e mudanças acontecendo no Portal Thenter, um hidden service na rede tor que publica informações sobre software livre, hacking, segurança e programação. Seja forte, seja libre.

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Linux on the nx9000/nx9005/nx9010 Notebooks

Discussion of Linux on the HP Compaq nx9000/nx9005/nx9010 Business Notebooks

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