Technology in entertainment, web-based entertainment, etc.

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KIBS Literary Treehouse

This is the discussion and announcement list for the KIBS Literary Treehouse, a book-club established in 2016. Membership is open to everyone.

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Project Aon Volunteers

Provide a forum for the coordination of project's activities and the development of the utilities that facilitate those activities (legal distribution of electronic book materials).

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The objective of the list would be to communicate hundreds of Cubans through the mail, discuss topics of interest to all. Also involve people from other countries to get to know Cuba and its people. It would be a space to chat without discriminating against anyone and without violating the laws of the chat and the country. I hope it can be created since it would be something very good for everyone. Greetings to all and happy day.

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Don's Patch

A family friendly publication, targeted at ordinary folks. Each issue contains scores of links to cost-free websites offering interesting, useful, fun or educational resources on the web along with computer tips and a little humor. Published monthly by Don Crowder and Lisa Miller.

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Staff list for Fairy Musings. This list is for group discussions involving the Fairy Musings community. To share ideas and suggestions that help us all.

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Doctor Thirsty

List to allow communication between band members.

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Informationen für unsere Premium-User

Diese Liste wird nicht mehr gepflegt. This list is offline.

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Running List

This is a distribution list to announce important information about running. The purpose is to change information about running news, gear tips, training advice, running shoe reviews and other sports.

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Radio Dani

Get informations about Radio Dani activities. Budite u toku sa aktivnostima Radio Dani.

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Basic Air Data

This mailing list is under test

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Anything Goes!

Welcome to the list for the fans of Corpsus Genous to let their hair down and chat about something other than the band...Or about the band, if you like! This list has a very simple set of rules: Civil debates are allowed, however unfair fighting and name calling, including intolerance toward others' beliefs and/or ideas and racial slurs, etc. will not be tolerated. Other than that, anything goes! All you need to do to post to this thread is to send your posts by email to anythinggoescg@freelists.org and it will be publicly posted to the thread for other members to read and respond.

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Worldcon in France CA

Internal list for the staff working on the Worldon in France 2023 project. This list is for staff to discuss the technical aspects of setting up a worldcon -- logistics, IT, lighting, etc.

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Nelson Male Voice Choir

Nelson Male Voice Choir singers and associates

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PuzzledSam's Mailing List

Be up to date with all things PuzzledSam.

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Denna lista tillhör webplatsen s3a.se. Den funkar som en lista där vi snackar allmänt om allting mellan himmel och gjord sålänge man kan följa listans policy. Denna kommer att bli skickad i samband med ansökan

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