Technology in entertainment, web-based entertainment, etc.

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CMU Futbol

Mailing list of coordination and organization of soccer games on Saturdays at CMU.

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Disney Vacation Club Talk

Discussion of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) for DVC members and for those interested in purchasing a DVC membership. This list is not affiliated with the Walt Disney company in any way. Also general topics related to Disney vacations are discussed.

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Volatales: Dynamic Storytelling through Multiple Authors

The Volatales mailing list is a place for collaboratively telling short stories, principally in the form of roleplaying adventures (often using the Fudge system). A new story begins every few months and may be set in almost any genre.

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Dead or Alive

Keep track of which of the noted personalities of our time are still with us, and which aren't. Members receive a weekly roundup of notable deaths, a monthly newsletter and list of living octogenarians, and a special bulletin when a celebrity dies (average 4 per month). This mailing list has been in operation since 1998.

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Blagues et autres informations rigolotes pour les membres du SKCC (Seygio Karaté Club de Cellieu)

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List for project "Virtual Kingdom of Virtustan"

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Welwyn Hatfield social bike rides

Organising social bicycle rides and get togethers by bike in Welwyn Hatfield and surrounding areas. Providing suggestions of places to go, Helping new starters or nervous returnees get going on a bicycle. Discussion of what barriers to cycling people may have and how to overcome them. Providing an archive of local routes others can follow independently.

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OK Haifa

Hi, we're organizing an intellectual trivia game called "What? Where? When?". It's a well known game among russian speakers. You can read about it here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What%3F_Where%3F_When%3F

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Travel Club

Our list will be used to disseminate information about traveling outings to our blind and visually impaired members of our community and their families and friends. We like to visit fun and educational sites in northern California and discuss the kinds of things we experienced as well as the kind of trip ventures the members are interested in visiting.

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Passerelle 2019

Writing workshop 2019 this purpose of this list is to be able to keep in touch with the different participants of a writing workshop. This workshop is anmated by a Parisian local association in France to promote poetry and personal diaries and all sort of different type of writing. Currently we exchange emails by entering one by one each email participant which is a pain as we are around 30 people. Having a single mailing list alias would simplify communication between members.

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Anarchists' Beer Coordination

Mailinglist for development and discussion of a mid-sized do-it-yourself beer brewing process as well as coordination of workshops and experiments

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St Albans Sub Aqua Club

News, information and dicussion about up-coming club events, trips and training.

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Mountain Ranch Book Club

Internal mailing list for members of the Mountain Ranch Book Club. The list is for meeting announcements and occasional book discussions.

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Fairbanks Dancing

Email list for Social Dance activities in Fairbanks, Alaska; promote exchange of information on opportunities for learning, practice, and application of dances and dance steps, and promote growth of social dance participation in Fairbanks.

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This list is for people to be able to share their works of writing. From poems, to songs, to fictional stories. Anything and everything. And get feedback as well.

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