Technology in entertainment, web-based entertainment, etc.

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Rusalka, Un mundo sin Fronteras

We'll be sharing with families and friends about our journey, we live in a sailboat and travel around the world.

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Selva Talker Mailing List

Discussion list about issues related with the Selva V talker(telnet cognitio.no-ip.com 9999). A talker is best described in http://amnuts.talker.com/history.html "A talker server system allows anyone with telnet access to log into an area where they can chat (well, type at least!) in real-time with anyone else from around the world who happens to be logged on at the same time."

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Choristes de Cocktail Chantant

It is the list which contains the member of our chorale of Toulouse

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The UN Spacy Database Mailing List

The official mailing list of the UN Spacy Database at http://www.unspacy.de. This list is dedicated to discussing everything related to the Japanese science-fiction animation series Macross and its related series.

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Waiting list for Nelson Pickleball Court times

When someone cancels their spot for a court time, a notice will be sent to this list so the first person to respond can take that spot.

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Continue the Search

Continue the search for The Fly Guy by signing up for clues, updates, and news about the novel. This is a list for fans of Author Colum Sanson-Regan's freshman release, 'The Fly Guy' to sign up for puzzle clues, tips on website Easter Eggs, book release and update information, author information, and new book releases.

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USS Banshee

Mailing list for those who are members of the USS Banshee sim group for the purpose of distributing material and information about the ship or the Trek universe.

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Baratza e-posta zerrenda

This is a mailing list for users of a orchard of a comunity.

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FKSS Predsjednistvo

FKSS Predsjednistvo Ottawa (Canada) based soccer club - this lists would be used only for BoD members' discussions.

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This list is for the discussion of topics related to radio for the blind. The discussion of producing, listening to and the implementation of any form of radio can be discussed. This includes what hardware, software and licenses are needed to run, or listen to, a functional radio station.

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The official list for: youtube.com/danielblopez135 I will announce my new videos and anything related to my youtube channel.

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D&D Research Conference

The goal of this discussion is building strategy-level wargame system on the top of Dungeons'n'Dragons 3.5 RPG system.

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SR Hannover

German Shadowrun RPG group in Hannover

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Junk & Jokes

My "Politically incorrect jokes, and politically conservative content" emails are meant for people who have a sense of humor, an appreciation of sarcasm, and who wear panties that don't easily get in a bunch. Oh yeah, and respect my conservative viewpoint! I offer an accumulation of jokes, interesting (at least to me) articles, and political commentary (links to web pages).

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