Technology in education, technology-related educational groups

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The mission of Equal Access and Associates, LLC is to produce products and provide services that promote the independence, dignity and equality of all those affected by a vision loss.

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GSIS Board Members Only

GSIS is a group who brings together educators from different counties in GA to a conference. The conference is related to the different student information systems (Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Tyler, Aspen and others) along with vendors. People learn about things that they can do with their system and GaDOE updates regarding student records that must be submitted electronically from their SIS to the department of education of GA.

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Msb Alumni

A place for former students and staff to discuss life at Michigan School for the Bling and blindness issues.

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Communications & Secretariat

This list is created to discuss all the organizational problems of the 40th anniversary of Abomey-Calavi Polytechnic School located at the University of Abomey-Calavi - Benin. Our mission is to keep all correspondences between EPAC and the educational and professional world, to create, design, and realize any documents to media communication, magazines, advertising, radio, television, the professional world, the industries and the social partners to the success of the celebration and to make the EPAC better known as a university school for vocational training in West Africa. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cette liste est créée pour discuter de tous les problèmes d'organisation du 40ème anniversaire de l'École Polytechnique d'Abomey-Calavi (EPAC), situé à l'Université d'Abomey-Calavi au Bénin. Notre mission est de conserver toutes les correspondances entre l'EPAC, le monde de l'éducation, le monde professionnel pour créer, concevoir et réaliser tous les documents de diffusion nécessaires pour les médias, les magazines, la publicité, la radio, la télévision, le monde professionnel, les industries et les partenaires sociaux pour la réussite de la célébration du 40è anniversaire puis, de mieux faire connaître l'EPAC comme la meilleure école universitaire de formation professionnelle en Afrique de l'Ouest.

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FRTM - Communication with Technology

A group of people experimenting with communication. The use of PowerPoint, microphones, and various presentation techniques is encouraged.

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NetGold is a RESOURCE group with a specific purpose: sharing by its members of important, informative and useful Internet and sometimes other resources for learning and improvement of skills. The information shared should be suitable for Family Life and include suitability for at least adolescent level perusal. There is coverage on this list in medicine, public health, database search technique, education in science and technology, as well as coverage of chemistry, physics, geology, geography and biology.

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DPC Internal Communications

Ecole Dufferin Parent Council Internal Communications List

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GBG Bad Vilbel 5d

Schedule changes for class 5d of GBG in Bad Vilbe

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DoQRa Projekt

The mailing list for the DoQRa project students group of HTWK University of applied sciences in Leipzig, Germany.

ListRank: 42ListRank: 42 is India's First and leading website for campus festivals from Technical, Cultural, Mangement, Workshops to Conferences and Symposiums. Since Jan 2007, we have been connecting thousands of students from campuses all over India by making them aware of all the Campus Festivals organised by prominent Educational Institutions in all the states. We have thousands of students who consistently visit our website to know the latest happenings at various campuses. We are the trust worthy source for them

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GeoGebra News

Newsletter for the open source dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra (

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classe 3ap

study computer science in Italian high school

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Leitura Classica

I am a writer and I also teach Philosophy in a Brazilian high school. Due to the crises of our system education, I elaborated two different groups for students who asked me for a chance to enhance their culture and education. Leitura Classica will be group to read the classics, based on programs of self-education, and works like “How to read a book”, of Mortimer Adler, and “Educated Mind”, of Susan Wise Bauer.

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A union activist moderated discussion list. List is to be used for the free expression of ideas of technology in unions in the education. This list absorbed the .

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NCA Group Communication Division

Mailing list for NCA Group Communication Division

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Computer-Workshop GSG

The place to ask questions related to topics presented, lectured and discussed during the computer workshop lessons at GSG.

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This mailing list is used by french japanese learners of level 1C to discuss language related topics such as grammar, translation issues, tips...

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Engineering Management - 2 Faculty of Engineering at Si Racha. Kasetsart University

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Internet Basics

The is list is created as a listserv practice area for students enrolled in CABS 103.

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cisb 102_sp04

This is the listserv we will use for practicing our beginning Internet skills.

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This list is about discussion team assigments done in college. Engineering and mathematics.

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LIVENteam mail group

the LIVENteam mail list

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All people who live at the kotstones residence

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FSM Advanced Sports and Orthopedic Workshops List

News and announcements about upcoming Advanced Sports Program and Orthopedic Workshops at the Florida School of Massage. The Orthopedic Workshops offer training in advanced massage techniques and technologies, like Cyriax frictioning and Tendon Injury Exercise Program for recent and matured scar tissue healing that are beyond the scope of general massage programs. These continuing education classes strive to balance integration of new information from ongoing research on soft tissue healing, manipulation, and musclar balance with time-tested, immediately useful techniques for working with active and injured clients, with a focus on self-care.

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Profesores de Electromedicina Clinica

Group of teachers of the training cycle Electromedical Superior Grade.

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SOSM Concerned Parties

For those who are concerned about the state of the school of St. Mary in Lake Forest, IL.

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Vriendenkring SBS Herdersem

Mail Distribution list to communicate between the different members of the parent supporting group + school staff of a local school in Belgium.

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Arbeitskreis DaZ

Der Arbeitskreis "Deutsch als Zweitsprache" der sächsischen Schulen. A list for teachers educating foreign students in germany. Discussions about both the cultural and structural challenges of working with school age refugees that might need to be integrated into your schools curriculum outside of the standard school year rhythm.

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IES Winter 2016

Mailingliste zur einfachen Kommunikation von Informationen an alle Buddys des Programmes im Winter 2016.

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Class mailing list of the Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Health of the Health Sciences Center of the Federal University of Bahia Reconcavo. Its purpose to integrate the group of users with reports / discussions on matters of collective interest.

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Swerve Robotics FLL - CyberGnome

This is a list to support the CyberGnome First Robotics Team communication. Goal is to further kids' usage of technology through Teamwork, Cooperation, Programming, Building, Planning and developing solutions to complex problems, and presenting these solutions to peers and in competitions.

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Clase maestria MGP 2017 UJMD We are approximately 20 students currently coursing a master's degree on project management at We're looking for a distribution list so that we can communicate better among ourselves & receive documentation from the teachers. Would greatly appreciate if our request is accepted. Thanks!

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Home Economics Discussion and Resource Share

This is an email thread for Home Economics teachers, recent graduates and students to discuss queries and exchange resources to assist with teaching and practicums.

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School House

Technical support, user group, news and announcement lists, computer and foreign/second language educational institution.

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Canberra Trip Mailing List (Stafford State School)

This list is for communication between parents of students embarking on the next annual Canberra trip. This is intended to be a list to allow discussions only between parents on the list in an easy and central location.

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Madisonville Intermediate School

news and events for Madisonville Intermediate School, updates to Accelerated Reader computer program on the school network, updates and features on the school's webpage.

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LB Info

So, we are a couple of adults who are to help with managing their children school information system. It actually consists in a set of 18 PCs, of which 4 are connected to the Internet via an ISDN link. As far as now, every computer runs MS-Windows (as it is still "the standard" in franch educational system <|-( ), but I intend to set up a couple of Unix-based (Linux or BSD) servers to control Internet access as well as to furnish network facilities. A mailing list would just help us to share information and keep in touch with everything is done with that I.S. Just tell me if the main problem remains the language beeing spokoen on such a list.. Bye.

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STEM Access for the Blind

This mailing list focuses on the accessibility of Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics for the blind with particular focus on India

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Ingegner Proctor #2

A powerful way to exchange info and news about exams and similar. This list is related to engineering university.

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Curtin 1st Year Engineering Mentors 2011

Curtin 1st Year Engineering Mentors 2011

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Exceptis excipiendis...

The Philosophy. For the students from the Byelorussian State University. The educational materials where a study-subject are ancient and modern philosophy, logic, psychology and other humanitarian sciences. In Russian.

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Newsletter Fachschaft Biologie, Konstanz

Newsletter for students of biology in Konstanz by Fachschaft Biologie, University of Konstanz. We provide informations about interesting links for e-learning, genetic research and the use of modern methods in biotechnology as well as internal news about the Department of Biology in Konstanz.

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greek braille

we are learning the greek braille in order to help blind and visually impaired students, to study their lessons. This list aims to discuss the training material of our lessons, practice exams, and the technology of braille printers and emvosers.

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Discussion about Informatics, Technology and Math. Groupmates at Eotvos Lorand University of Sciences, Hungary.

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Home arts classes

Classes for home arts available Specialized in one stroke painting Sewing cutting Crochet & hand embroidery

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Team 3

We are a group of 9 students and 1 teacher form a german university. We study Informatik with the topic media. In one lesson, we should create a learn cd for students they are starting with the study. the learn cd should handle all the topics of the informatic with the topic media and technics. for this projekt we need a mailing list and we hope we can need your service for this reason.

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Indigenous Library Service Without Borders

Networking and sharing of resources for people interested in library service for indigenous communities.

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Easy Defensive Driving

Easy Defensive Driving Information and Updates for Defensive Drivers who have taken a Defensive Driving Class in Person at Home Plate Diner in Lubbock or Online (Driving Safety)

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Computer Application And Science Teachers Association

To communicate with teachers of the association

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Club Cientifico de Penalolen

Noticias de ciencias y actividades del Club Cientifico de Penalolen, Santiago, Chile

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