Technology in education, technology-related educational groups

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ashram shala email group

An email group for Eklavya Ashram Shala engagement - to improve science education at government ashram schools in collaboration with Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra, India

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FRTM - Communication with Technology

A group of people experimenting with communication. The use of PowerPoint, microphones, and various presentation techniques is encouraged.

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Masterman HSA Executive Officers

listserve for the Executive Officers of the Masterman HSA Board.

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DPC Internal Communications

Ecole Dufferin Parent Council Internal Communications List

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SWCA-North Carolina

SWCA-NC is the North Carolina branch of the Southeastern Writing Centers Association. This list is for writing centers in North Carolina to share information and plan events.

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TPS Enviro Team

Discussion list for members of the TPS Enviro Team. Topics include information technology in relation to environmental sustainability, nature play projects, resource management, and how we can introduce more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) into school activities.

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Msb Alumni

A place for former students and staff to discuss life at Michigan School for the Bling and blindness issues.

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Big XII Student Conduct Directors

List-Serve for Big XII Student Conduct Directors.

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PAStimes Star Tours Group

Members of the PAStimes Star Tours Group, announcement only list. These members of PAS are on a special list that announces upcoming events that are private events.

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Carbon Valley Toastmasters Club

The Carbon Valley Toastmasters Club is a community service that seeks to teach military veterans and young adults how to effectively communicate in order to be a leader and find employment. Current technology is taught including the forming of the message and effective use of PowerPoint. Additionally,techniques for creating presentations that are controlled by computers is also discussed and practiced.

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Profesores de Electromedicina Clinica

Group of teachers of the training cycle Electromedical Superior Grade.

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EnICS Alumni

This is a distribution list for Alumni of EnICS Labs. So the day you finish your tenure at EnICS, you will be removed from the enics_members list and added to the enics_alumni list.

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University of the Cumberlands School of Counseling Cafeteria

An informal way for online students in the Master of Professional Counseling program at the University of the Cumberlands to communicate with one another between classes or over coffee. This list is student-run and not officially created by or sanctioned by the University of the Cumberlands.

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Kindergarten Glanzing

In Kindergarten Glanzing there are about 20 children. This list should help their parents to talk about all issues regarding the kindergarten, so that information (for instance about excursions or other events) will reach ALL parents without searching for each email address.

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Educators in New York City public schools and the City University will exchange experiences and discuss upcoming changes in curriculum. The particular focus is on issues of diversity and the economy.

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