Technology in education, technology-related educational groups

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Promotionskreis NEPS

List for the PHD Student of the project National Educational Panel (NEPS); Bamberg, Germany (

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San Luis Rey Elementary PTO

Mailing list for members of the San Luis Rey Elementary School PTO in Oceanside, CA

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A list to provide our students with updates on our servers and web-hosted services. To encourage knowledge of the technologies and services that the school can provide. Also to quickly and efficiently pass on information and collect information from various sources on the avenues of new technology we as a school would like to pursue.

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LDP Alumni

This distribution list is for students who have attended a Leadership Development Course with Innov8 Training Solutions.

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505 EdReform

505 EdReform is a non-profit education reform distribution network created to help New Mexico citizens and key stakeholders remain informed of the major movements and events related to education policy both in state and nationally.

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INSPIRE is a European initial training network investigating speech processing in realistic environments. This list distributes e-mails to INSPIRE fellow members.

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This listserv is created for the support and collaboration of Alberta's VC Mentors.

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SSK Urban Research Centre

A mailinglist for the SSK project "Crisis and Transformation of East Asian Cities in the Age of Globalization"

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Laureare l'esperienza - LUMSA

This list is for students who's attending the university project called "Laureare l'esperienza" of Scienze dell'Amministrazione course in LUMSA University in Rome. They can discuss about contents and subjects which they’re studying. They’re student workers who would like to share information about teaching subjects. Gruppo di discussione su contenuti e informazioni per gli iscritti al corso di laurea in Scienze dell'Amministrazione alla LUMSA di Roma. Progetto "Laureare l'esperienza".

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Youth Peer Education Network Pakistan

this list is for Pakistani Youth to share information regarding Information Technology.

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Arabian Knights

Communication with team members of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 4928

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C# - Projekt

Programming Projekt for some Students!

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Klasa C

Mailing list for parents of C class, at SP Montessori in Warsaw.

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St Margarets School ICT Development

A freelists community that will promote, share and evaluate the use of IT across the community enabling improved use of open-source software e.g. VLE and increase IT use by parents, pupils, IT technicians, IT co-ordinators and school leaders.

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This list will be used to link students from Technical University. Emails will contain usefull information for all the students of the selected course.

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