Technology in education, technology-related educational groups

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K-BUG Kansas Blackboard Users Group

ListServ for Kansas Blackboard Users Group to share and collaborate

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Deutsch Kurs A2

Deutschkurs Discussion List: This list is going to be used between a small community that attends a german-course lessons. Here we can discuss about the grammar and learn trough examples

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The Teacher List

The Teacher List is a daily listserv that recommends ONE useful website to teachers (and other interested parties) each morning. Only sites that are free and useful are recommended. Teachers typically don't have time to wade through massive amounts of information yet they are required to integrate the use of technology into their daily routines. The service gets teachers to use technology resources in their classrooms by NOT inundating them with pages (or screens) of information that will never be read. Rather, by recommending only one technological feature, teachers can decide if they will keep the information and incorporate it into a lesson, pass it on to someone who can use it or delete it. There is a web site that archives all of the sites recommended since 1998 - and it is fully searchable by keyword, subject and/or grade level. The site is at:

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Sierra Math Faculty

A mailing list for Sierra College Math Faculty to discuss issues related to the Mathematics department. This list will be used to organize dates and times of department meetings, discuss the hiring of potential candidates, extracurricular activities, and other topics related to the department.

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Psychology students list for study group, homework and community projects

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ICEVI-Europe Contact Persons

Sharing information and knowledge on the field of education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment.

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Regional School at Nazareth

This is a discussion group that is designing a new pre-k through 12 school. This school will enroll children from the City of Rochester and suburban and rural Monroe County. The school is being designed on sound research that is being driven by a TECHNOLOGY focus and a TECHNOLOGY orientation. This emerging school will be the first in the region that uses TECHNOLOGY as the nexus for development.

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NASA Summer 2016 Recruiting Interns with Disabilities

NASA is looking to increase the number of students with disabilities pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers through our regular internship programs. This is not a program for students with disabilities. We are trying to recruit more students with disabilities into our regular internship programs. Disability means both physical and mental disabilities.

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Emerging Technologies in Network Modeling

Mailing List for Emerging Technologies in Network Modeling Subcommittee, ADB30(5)

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Levin Research Group

Listserv for all doing research at the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University

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Alchemia Czynu

Applied philosophy, we will discuss how to face modern problems by rationally analyzing them.

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Mailing list for Software Engineering course SENG 443 (Software Architectures) at University of Calgary, Winter Term 2007 We are a group of 3 people taking this course and will discuss topics like architectural patterns, design patterns, the different views in SW architecture frameworks and a couple of related topics. Discussions of the assignments in this course will also take place. For more detail go to

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Ljungbyheds flygklubb

Conversations (mostly in Swedish) around learning to fly (practical and theoretical aspects) at Ljungbyhed Aero Club. Discussion about aviation technology - hardware, software, internet resources, and must have pilot gadgets. /// Diskussioner kring PPL-skolning (praktiska och teoretiska frågor) vid Ljungbyheds flygkubb. Allmän diskussioner om privatflygrelaterad teknologi - dator inom privatflyg, Internet resurser och andra ovärderliga pilot hjälpmedel.

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A mailing list for the students in management group six, at Aalborg University

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NUSC 322 Group 4

Mailing list for group #4 in NUSC 322 (Research and Statistics in Nursing), fall semester, 2006, at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing. Used to discuss nursing research and satistics in the context of a group project.

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