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QTL NE Region teachers list

This list is for the The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning (QTL Teachers) that are teaching the CompTIA A+ certification to post technicial issues for different classroom projects and to seek help from other QLT teachers with various technologies. To share new technologies learned in the classroom with other teachers. Example being the Red Hat K12LTSP project.

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freies Diskussionsforum der Studenten aus Cottbus (university of cottbus - informatik students)

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Northeastern Cyber Security

The mailing list for Northeastern University Cyber Security Group

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Seattle R/C Landsailing

This is where teachers, students, and Sailing Through School officers can communicate freely about the 2005-2006 r/c landsailing program. Member schools include: AS#1 (coach Stevens), Ballard HS (coach Foster), Nathan Hale HS (coach Cabot), Roosevelt HS (coach Muhs), and Whitman MS (coach Staheli). Is it blowing like snot outside? You want to go sailing?? Let others know and GO! (Sand Point lot, UW Montlake lot, Whitman's blacktop...) You can also bring up: 1. design/constructions issues 2. suggestions for projects... 3. ideas for future events... 4. questions or comments about the physics of r/c landsailing... 5. more

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LiveWire and HayWire Robotics

Official mailing list for the Pocatello LiveWire and HayWire Robotics teams for the 2011-2012 season

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First Lego League 2013 de Bron Delft

Dit is de mailing list voor de teamleden, leerkrachten, coaches en ouders van het FLL team van de Bron.

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Informationsliste der Klasse 1/2 Rot

Die Mailingliste dient dazu Informationen, betreffend der jetzigen Klasse 1/2 rot, zu sammeln bzw. zu verteilen oder auch Veranstaltungen anzukuendigen.

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MUR Motorsports FSAE Support Squad List

A list for members of MUR Motorsports Support squad. We are in a university engineering competition so technology is our thing!

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Bookshare users

Bookshare is an online bassed library for person with print disability. This mailing list will provide them all kind of technical support which they will be fassing during surfing the website or reading the books which has been downloaded from this website

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Sheffield Dida Network

A list for ICT teachers, City Learning Centres and Sheffield QISS staff to discuss issues related to the new "Diploma in Digital Applications" ICT qualification.

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this maillist will talk about the skills of how to write embedded operating would also refer to the operating system theory for embedded architecture.

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Mailing list for students of Software Engineering (SI) at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia.

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Advanced Aviation Education Programme

This is a mailing list to facilitate the discussion between the students enrolled in the Advanced Aviation Education Programme (Fixed-Wing) of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps. The Programme teaches fundamentals of airplane flying from the use of technologies in aviation to the actual flying of an airplane as well as flight simulators.

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Banking Technology

Technical updates regarding Banking Technology like Internet-Banking, ATM, Mobile Banking, DSS, MIS, EIS and ALM software. This list is only for the use of bank employees and officials to keep themselves updated regarding various developments in the field.

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Natural Language Group in Fudan University Send presentation information to group numbers

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