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Hello Tom,

           What exactly are you doing with the 34A?....

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> Jean Moquin wrote:
> >Hello Tom and Owen..and List....
> >
> >       Thanks for the help concerning the S-101 amps.....I think that I
> >manage with whatever I have on hand here........I also have one model
> >here.
> >
> >   B T W....the list seems extinct!!!!
> >
> >
> Not extinct, just quiet.  Unlike the digital bunch, we don't have a lot
> to babble about :-).
> I'll start another thread here:  Has anyone in this group owned or still
> own an independent oscillator Conn, preferably one of the AGO-spec
> classicals or theater models?  Opinions?  I had an 825 Classic that I
> thought was the greatest until I had a chance to 'store' a late 60s
> vintage Rodgers in my living room.  Now I own a 660D and am rebuilding a
> 34A into a 'FrankenRodgers'.
> Tom Nelson
> Milford, NH

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