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email discussion list of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion for the dissemination of technology related info. The intention of the list is to answer computer and internet related problems. Permit members to ask about computer problems they may have and share computer, internet and technology related solutions that they may have.

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This is the Email list used by the St. Louis Area Geocachers Assn.

Grab your GPS and head outside. If you have questions or comments about geocaching in the St. Louis Missouri, Bi-state area just give us a shout. SLAGA is comprised of geocachers who live in an area around St. Louis, Missouri. It is a region, extending from an area southwest of St. Louis for 100 miles in all direction. SLAGA is just one of many geocaching groups in the midwestern United States. What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a high tech version of hide-and-seek. It's hiking - with a goal. Geocachers from all over the world place trinket boxes (caches) in the wilderness or urban areas hidden from view of the main public. They then use their Global Positioning Satellite Receiver (GPS or GPSR) to record the precise latitude and longitude. "X" marks the spot! This information is posted on the website These "caches" usually contain trinkets for trade. When a cacher finds a box, they can take something out of it, but they need to leave something in trade. There's also a log book to sign, and they are invited to log their find on the website for each cache. *** NOTE *** SLAGA did not create this newsgroup, nor is it responsible for its maintenance and moderation. However, SLAGA does link to it from their web page because they consider it a valuable resource. The newsgroup is created so that geocachers in the St. Louis area (or anyone else, for that matter) can communicate, discuss geocaching-related issues, stories, etc. This newsgroup is not affiliated with, or any other geocaching organization. The newsgroup administrators are not responsible for the content of any message, or for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the receipt of or failure to receive any message.

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Mugdock Runners

This is a list to allow all members of the Mugdock Runners group (located in the Bearsden and Milngavie area near Glasgow) to communicate easily about upcoming issues and events. Although most group members are runners, and despite the name, we also have a number of members who just enjoy a good walk and a chat. Anyone interested in joining us is most welcome to come along for a run or walk every Saturday morning meeting at 9:15 am at the Drunclog car park near Mugdock.

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Technology in Sport

Uses of Technology in sport; namely football. Such as the introduction of goal line technology, GPS player tracking techniques and how it works ranging to personal banter

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This listserv is being provided by Adaptive Technology Services. It is intended as both an announcement list as well as a forum for computer users of adaptive technology to pose questions, share ideas, and work together to solve problems. Adaptive Technology Services is a San Francisco-based company which provides computer services to people with visual impairments. Some of these services are: one-on-one and group training, technical support, computer system evaluations, screen reader scripting, and work site accessibility assessment. This list will serve two purposes. First, it will allow Adaptive Technology Services to inform its clients of any upcoming workshops or conferences. Second, the list will allow the company's clients to discuss any aspect of adaptive technology. For more information please goto:

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Tallahassee Area Blindness Issues

discussions of interest to those with a visual impairment, or who work with those with a visual impairment, in the Tallahassee Florida area. This includes such topics as audible traffic signals, demonstrations or events showing adaptive technology in this area, announcements of meetings of organizations of special interest to the blind, and generally things to do with blindness or life in this area of Florida.

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Our Patch

This list is primarily but not exclusively intended to be a medium for discussion among the readers of donspatch. Membership is by invitation but anyone who's interested in technology, education, the internet and the ways in which they affect our society and lives is encouraged to request an invitation.

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Women's Wednesday Night Group

This list is only for the women who attend the Women's Wednesday Night Church at Comfort Baptist Church.

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Accessible Computing

This list is intended for the discussion of using computers and other related technology from the aspect of the blind computer user.

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Graphical User Interface (For visually impaired users)

To discuss issues relating to Windows and issues concerning users who are visually impaired.

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T8 - DH Thang Long

The mailling list of T8 class - Faculty of Mathematical & Information Technology - Thang Long Non-state University, Hanoi, Vietnam. All the discussion of software development process, programming languages & IT career are acceptable!

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Klamath County Fire Defense Board

The Fire Defense Board consists of representitives from each fire agency through out Klamath County. This list is used to disseminate vital information to members that live in rural areas quickly.

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yachid yachad

A new startup in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion has distributed a new software to a network of computer users. This list is intended for discussion of the problems regarding this software among the networking participants and solving the programming and interface issues regarding the new product.

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KE Chaverim

Kibbutz company software company develops applications to help further networking in Hebrew between members and between different kibbutz settlements in Israel to advance kibbutz type cooperation. The company has introduced a beta version and would like to promote testing of the product and a discussion list for kibbutzim that purchased the product in an effort to encourage and initiate new applications.

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Durham Young People

Members of the Durham Young People club.

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CALIBREBooks Calibre Audio Library

Guidelines for members. This list is to discuss everything to do with calibre audio library, and electronic books done on CD and USB sticks they offer and there services. No advertising, unless you ask the owner of the group first. Keep on topic. Test messages can be sent, if you think that E-mails are not coming through No swearing, or bad language. respect others. Don't be rude on list. Thank you.

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Facilitate genealogy research for the Martin-Wharton family of south Texas.

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Esta es una lista para establecer comunicación entre los integrantes del grupo de universitarios de la comunidad Habana. Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, Universidad de la Habana, Centro Universitario José Antonio Echevarría. Malnombre es una comunidad de jóvenes y adultos, estudiantes y profesores de diferentes universidades de Cuba, cuyo interés es el de compartir sus proyectos de desarrollo y lineas de investigación.

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DEVITECH is a general discussion group where Africans with a visual disability share ideas, expertise, experience, tips and tricks in the areas of computer & information technology, assistive & access technology, educational & daily living technology, and the ways in which using this technology can improve their lives and livelihood.

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Famille Fabre

It is a family email list in order for us to get communication easier

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Hello new member! Welcome to the Vietnamese Blind Technology Information! We are glad that you were able to join us! The purpose of this mailing list is to bring the latest news regarding accessible technology to a group of Vietnamese blind fellows, but of course, anyone who are interested to obtain information about technology may join us!

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Parents of students of the Greek school in Doha, Qatar

The list description follows in greek / Η περιγραφή της λίστας ακολουθεί και στα ελληνικά. A mailing list that enables communication among parents of students of the Greek school in Doha, Qatar. Discussion topics include educational issues, operation of the Greek school, relations with the Greek government, legislation, events as well as living in Qatar in general. Ηλεκτρονική λίστα για τη διευκόλυνση της επικοινωνίας μεταξύ των γονέων των μαθητών του Ελληνικού σχολείου της Doha, Qatar. Τα θέματα συζήτησης περιλαμβάνουν εκπαιδευτικά θέματα, λειτουργία του Ελληνικού σχολείου, σχέσεις με την Ελληνική κυβέρνηση, σχετική νομοθεσία καθώς και θέματα καθημερινότητας των Ελλήνων στην Doha. Η λίστα ΔΕΝ εποπτεύεται/συντηρείται από το Σύλλογο Γονέων και Κηδεμόνων Ελληνικού Σχολείου Doha αλλά όλα τα μέλη του Συλλόγου και οι εκπαιδευτικοί του Σχολείου μπορούν να είναι μέλη της λίστας.

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Best Buddies

This is the mailing list for a group of professionals passed out of MCE in 1992, currently settled all across the world and wanting to keep in touch.. on topics ranging from General to Technology to personal

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Autoridades Nacionais Designadas da CPLP

Forum for exchanges on the Clean Development Mechanism among DNAs of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

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Gruppo di lavoro DES MO terremoto

Gruppo di lavoro DES Modena su emergenza terremoto in Emilia Romagna - Solidarity group to support people affected by earthquake in Emilia Romagna

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a free mailing list whitch discuss everything, like technology, education, and politics in greece. We aim to help greek people understand the situation in Greece.

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eureka vw show list

News and discussions about the Eureka VW show. We hold one of the largest vintage Volkswagen shows in the country. It is all volunteer non- profit charity event. We thought a freelist would allow us to talk to each other in planning and execution. We start planning next year's show at the end of the current show.

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No Walmart in Altadena

Discussion list for the anti-Walmart group in Altadena, CA

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Yoga Pedro

For discussing yoga issues. An email list for sharing experiences from people practicing Yoga in Venezuela and to enable opporunities for gatherings based on that subject

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IT Stammtisch Oberpfalz

Der IT Stammtisch Oberpfalz bietet allen, die beruflich bzw. professionell mit IT zu tun haben, eine Platform für regelmäßige, regionale Treffen zum Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten. Diese Mailingliste dient zur Kommunikation unter den Mitgliedern und zur Bekanntmachung von Terminen und Informationen rund um den Stammtisch.

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Discusion about Electrical Engineering, Micro Controller etc

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Mailing list for grad students, postdocs, and miscellaneous faculty at the CHUV CIBM.

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SMB Clique

General discussion on topics around the playing, development, past, present and future of Sunderland Association Football Club, the City of Sunderland, and the organising of gathering at local hostelries around the world to discuss such matters face-to-face.

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Bryan Mckinnish's software

It's a mailing list to talk about my software that I make and to share tips about my games and to get suggestions about them.

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#Greece On IrCQNet Opers Mail List

#Greece On IrCQNet Opers Mail List

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TEDxVienna Team Info

Mail distribution for internal infos to give quality information about organisational infos for the upcoming events and the status-quo within all the TEDxVienna working groups.

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Grupo de correo del DPOP13

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Rochester Residents that moved away

People who have moved from Rochester and want to stay connected

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Sanderson family

Emailing list for the Sanderson family.

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The Oxford Ideas Group (redux). For discussing technology, science, society, business and how they are changing.

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Colossal Cavers

A community space for residents of the East Colossal Cave Road / Rough Road neighborhood.

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Test Manuel

Test if I can use it for internal communication. Not sure if that is allowed.

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myCoop Mailing List

Mailing List per le comunicazioni relative ai test dell'App mobile myCoop

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Team 7 Concepts of IS 2014

Team 7 Concepts of IS Spring 2014

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Discussion forum for SPPA-T3000

Share and discuss siemens SPPA T3000., its features, pros and cons, troubleshooting issues and design considerations.

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List for communication among members of WEG Siebengebirgsallee 87.

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Home Improvements

All FAQ related to home and garden

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Cisewski Family

test list for Cisewski

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La lista aperta di discussione della community del MUSE FabLab di Trento intorno alla fabbricazione digitale e al DIY.

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General discussion of occupational health and safety and risk management related issues.

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