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Leica Reflex System Forum

Forum discussing the merits of Leica Reflex cameras film and digital, lenses, accessories and the photographs taken with them.

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USS Eagle

String for Star Trek Roleplay and discussions relating to Star Trek, Trek Technology, Advancing the ideas that are seen/read about on TV, and in books and magazines.

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Discussion list for university professors in the humanities to discuss the impact of technology.

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OpenDTV is a community of industry professionals involved with the convergence of three important digital technologies: Television, Computing and Broadband Communications. This community was created by Craig Birkmaier, a technology consultant and journalist, to help these converging industries understand the issues involved with creating a new infrastructure for the production and distribution of digital media content. OpenDTV has a primary focus on the technologies for Digital Television with broad participation from technical and business development executives in the broadcast, cable, DBS, computer, Internet and content creation industries.

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Rollei List

This is a list dedicated to the technical history of the evolution of the Rolleiflex camera from its original inception by Franke & Heidecke as a stereo camera in the 1920's to the medium-format and digital cameras produced today. The list emphasis is on the rapid development of lens and shutter designs spurred by the Rolleiflex cameras over the past eight decades and the impact these cameras are having today on the evolving technology of digital photography.

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Pure Silver

This list is for the discussion of silver based photography.

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Leica Enthusiasts' Group

Open discussion of Leica photography. Changing technology and how it affects the Leica marque is expected to stimulate spirited exchanges.

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This list has been disabled by its owner.

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Forum for communicating and organizing jam days and times, organizing songs, collaboration. Current focus is our First and Third Wednesday Jams at O'Briens and bringing musicians together to play music and have fun.

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Audacity® recording software and how the Blind can use it

This list will enable the blind and visually impaired to learn and discuss how to use Audacity®.

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Studio Recorder

Discusses APH's Studio Recorder software development

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Manitoba Editors Association

Professional editors in Manitoba have come to use technology more and more in the their daily work. MEA's mission for this list is to use the technology of the web to promote and share information regarding upcoming professional development seminars and to give the 60 plus editor members a simple technological tool to communicate with each other.

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Dance and Technology List

A list for those interested combining dance and new computer technology, including responsive systems that allow performers to manipulate digital media in real time, interactive digital scenography, and motion capture, as well as the development of new software and hardware tools for choreographers and dancers.

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Gueules de Ré

We are a local polyphonic choir located in Auvergne, France. We sing in a lot of styles, mainly modern.

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Visually Impaired Kindle users Group

Group formed to share tips on using Amazon's Kindle e-readers accessibility features. Independently moderated, not affiliated with Amazon.

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Westcott Radio

Discussion list for those involved with the Westcott Radio project in Syracuse, New York.

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Fingertips Weekly

Email delivery of each week's three featured songs, from the Fingertips web site ( Fingertips has been pointing music fans to the web's best free and legal music since 2003.

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Hints, tips and support for using the ArtWorks vector graphics package for RISC OS.

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Photographers of Vashon

Communications among professional and working photographers of Vashon Island, Washington

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An Author's Page

An Author's Page is the email list for Joanne Shaw's official website and blog,, Author, Activist, International Poet, Singer, Songwriter and former Vegan Bodybuilder 20 yrs. Here you will find her writing on a variety of topics..

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Icon Technology Software Users

This list is for users of Icon Technology software, most notably for discussions on EasiWriter/TechWriter.

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SBE Chapter 104

Technical and broadcast media engineering discussions for the Toledo Ohio area.

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Starter list for travelalerts.

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Hospital Broadcasting Association (UK) newsletter

Electronic newsletter and announcements list for the Hospital Broadcasting Association (UK) - see Used to provide help and support on computerised studio playout systems, audio distribution systems, radio transmitters/receivers, regulation by Ofcom, satellite programme/news reception, etc, etc

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Suckley Photographic Group

A list for the photographic group of the village of Suckley in Worcestershire, UK and surrounding area. Discussion on topics as Analogue and Digital photography, equipment use, photographic locations and inspiring ideas.

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La Colectiva Radio

Information about activities, programs, especial sound production from La Colectiva Radio. We`re an alternative boradcast station of Buenos Aires, and have lot of people who wanto to know about our productions and information.

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Bulgarian Art Mailing List, by InterSpace Media Art Center

ArtBox was started 7 years ago by the only Bulgarian NGO operating at the intersection of Art and Technology - InterSpace ( ArtBox sends out about 5 messages per day. The massages are mainly in Bulgarian and are related to Art, Science and Technology. Initially the mailing list was set up on InterSpace's own web servers where more than 500 web sites of Bulgarian art organizations, artists and independent experts were hosted. Since the ISP that kindly co-located the server changed hands recently, InterSpace has been working to migrate all services urgently and with minimal inconvenience for the subscribers/users.

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Art Projects

Exhibitions and art projects in Australia and abroad exploring the interfaces between old and new technologies.

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Some Jam People in Berlin

A group of people that like doing good music together and going to jam sessions.

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Listserv for Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA), a new organization for those who make experimental or conceptual work with obsolete technology.

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The Nameless Ones

Mailinglist for "The Nameless Ones" Band

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Siena Jazz Sax Students

This is a mailing list I will use to communicate and make announcements to my saxophone students at Siena Jazz (a university-level music school in Italy). I will use it to share study materials and announce concerts, suggest listening and practice technicques etc.

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Darkice developers and users mailing list

This is the mailing list for darkice developers and users.

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AFRILEX Mailing List

This list brings together all people interested in the activities of the African Association for Lexicography, and enables them to communicate with one another.

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This list brings together the members of the Asian Association for Lexicography, and enables them to communicate with one another.

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Continue Network

Bringing together members of the gaming, arts and heritage sectors to discuss the value of videogames and develop better ways of talking about and making them.

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Hasselblad Users Group

This is a list dedicated to the technical history of the evolution of the Hasselblad camera from its original inception by Victor Hasselblad a wartime camera in the late 1930's early 1940's to the medium-format and digital cameras produced today. The list emphasis is on the rapid development of lens and shutter designs spurred by the Hasselblad cameras over the past six decades and the impact these cameras are having today on the evolving technology of digital photography.

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Euralex is a professional association for people working in lexicography and related fields.

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Fotomix - nyhedsbrev / Newsletter

Photographic news. New about camera techniques, new developments, chips, lenses, sensors, and other spectra of new photo techniques and what they mean in relation to the old technqiues.. Techniques, tips and tricks for image editing. Information on how to use a computer, printer etc., for processing, printing and archiving. Analysis and reviews of programs used in connection with the photo (digital photo)

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Kulturmaschinen Kulturnews

German: Liste des Kulturmaschinen-Verlages für Veranstaltungen aus allen Kunstbereichen. Die Hinweise brauchen nichts mit dem Kulturmaschinen-Verlag zu tun zu haben. English: The Kulturmaschinen-Publishing-House list to inform about art events of any kind. The events do not need to be in connection with Kulturmaschinen.

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Leicas and the Southwest

Listing and describing your Leicas, M or R Are you working in film: digital or both. Have you been to Lamy? The 'Ghost Ranch'? The Four corners area?

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Amsterdam Project - Broadcast Video System - Shooting Video on Blue or Green Screen

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New Oz VFX

A list to discuss the prospect of starting up a new VFX (Visual Effects) company in Sydney, Australia.

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Liselotte's Mailing List

A list to keep you updated on my art, photos and costume pieces.

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A forum of clear musings on arts, science and philosophy

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Edinburgh Contact Jam Organisers

This is a list for all the people involved in organising Contact Improvisation Jams in Edinburgh

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A CSIRO audio/visual documentary about bulling, corruption, fraud and other forms of inappropriate behaviour within Australia's premier scientific research organisation.

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Deux bouches, Une mouche

"2 bouches, Une mouche" is a french classical music group. The mailing list is intended to have discussion for the members of the group and to have a common email address for external contacts (for instance, people which want to hire the group)

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Clovis HS Band Boosters

This is for the Clovis HS Band Boosters announcements and information.

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Commission Openings

Newsletter for those interested in obtaining art from WFA Homepage:

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