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Your recursive Common Table Expression (CTE) lacks a limit or where clause. Without a limit or where clause, recursive CTEs generate an unlimited number of rows. They take SQLiteSpy forever to display.

To remedy this, SQLiteSpy allows to abort any query by pressing the [ESC] key. The [ESC] key triggers sqlite3_interrupt(), which aborts the query and returns as early as possible. SQLiteSpy then displays all records which the SQLite engine has produced so far.

The [ESC] key cancels any kind of queries, not just recursive CTEs. This makes the [ESC] key ideal for testing, especially queries which generate lots of output or just take a long time to run.

In production, you might want to make sure you add a limit clause to your recursive CTE so your application does not stall.

This example takes SQLiteSpy about 30 ms and never produces more than 10000 rows:

    UNION ALL SELECT i+1 AS x FROM r limit 10000


On 13.06.2019 12:39, Миронов Леонид wrote:

You may use the following infinitely looping code for testing

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