[yoshimi] Re: Possibly bad news - a bit of history

  • From: "Victor A. Stoichita" <victor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2018 23:43:10 +0200

In France at least there is a nonprofit organisation called Framasoft which provides a number of free software services (https://framasoft.org/#topPgCloud). They have, amongst others, their own installation of gitlab CE (the free software edition of gitlab): https://framagit.org
Framasoft relies on volunteers for maintenance and donations for server costs. It’s been there for some 15 years now.
I’m not a developper and can’t tell how good their gitlab service is. I just migrated my own little github repos to their gitlab. Also, it’s aimed primarily at French users, and their main website is mostly in French (their gitlab install runs in English though). I’m not saying at all that it’s what yoshimi needs. But regarding "ethics" a combination of free software tool and nonprofit hosting is pretty much convincing. Maybe a similar initiative exists in the UK ?

Juste mes 2cts bien sûr…

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