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Dear All,
I just spoke with our financial aid director. He said this process is very 
dynamic and there will be changes in the near future to what we understand 
today. Here is what he said.
The Hathaway law was intended to strengthen the high school's curriculum, thus 
preparing HS students to be more successful in post secondary.There are 
comments on the bill, page 17, that describes how the DOE will meet with the 
governor and the joint education committee in October to discuss what 
curriculum will challenge students in high school, keep them engaged in high 
school, thus preparing the HS student for post secondary. Then, the home 
schooler's situation became a topic of discussion for the bill committee and 
how to include them, and then they had to consider if the law included home 
schoolers, then the GED  students became a population that had to be considered.
So, now an "emergency rules" document came out to allow 120 days for the field 
to read the law and figure out how to implement it. Every college has a 
representative on the committee to meet on June 29th to discuss the issues 
surrounding implementation. So, I guess identify your committee member and 
voice your concerns. Our  financial person even brought up implications for GED 
students that we didn't even think of. He said there is talk about kids 
retaking the GED to get a higher score that would benefit him/her with the 
scholarship. Anyway, that's what's goin on at Casper College today!!

Lisa Mixer
ABE/GED Co-director
Literacy Volunteers of Casper Tutor Coordinator
125 College Drive
Casper, Wyoming 82601
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