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May I share with you a tentative selection of my micropoems, available on 

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Thank you for this beautiful statement.. Nina 

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MISSION   Worldwide Peace OrganizationWWPO

 is a group ofhuman beings, mostly writers, educators, philosophers, scholars, 
academiciansand ordinary citizens, who really want to change reality towards a 
betterfuture for humankind. We think we can help the world to  live free  of  
terrorism, war and international conflictsthrough the interaction between 
intellectuals  from  different cultures. We develop strategies based on our 
writing andintellectual skills to convince the powerful governments and 
religious leadersaround the world to work together to stop the massacres, 
assassinations andwars in the world. We have a strict set of values ​​where 
humanlife is at the top of the pyramid, especially children of any nationality. 
We act for the realization of our dreams. Thisaction is through publications, 
letters, articles and books in pro of adulteducation, continuing education of 
the population and  education of childhood. We think that world peace springs 
from thesocial harmony, and believe that social harmony is born in the inner 
world,through inner peace, then a peaceful family group and then 
neighborhoods,cities, and countries full of social harmony.As well we believe 
that social peace andharmony arrives throughjust economic, political, and 
social arrangements that respect universal humandignity, equality, and 
freedom.We work to produce educational, literarycontests and many activities 
for children, adolescents and adults, to  make them awake and conscientious  
andbecome aware and see what is going on around, how the planet Earth is 
becominga bad place where darkness and death lurking under our noses. We create 
Internet groups to discuss thesevalues ​​and do joint research, working 
together from a global perspectivethrough email, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, and 
use all kinds of Internet tools.   This interaction focuses on therealization 
of research on the causes and consequences of war, terrorism, andfamily and 
social violence. We believe that through articles and books asmultiple 
co-authors, we will be able to create a better world for the formationof a new 
paradigm for future generations. Education of children is also one ofour goals. 
We believe that children are the hope and the seeds of a peacefulworld. We are 
sure that there is a duty to preservethe environment as the basis of human life 
in a climate of respect. We alsobelieve that inner peace and des stress are the 
starting point forinternational peace and should be transmitted in schools and 
homes .We are ableto write  letters and organize events toconvince the 
authorities to change their mind and use their  power to create state policies 
and regulations around this idea of ​​peace from thesocial harmony 
MARIACRISTINA AZCONA   Lic.  María Cristina Azcona WWPO Founder president
Organización mundial por la paz
Worldwide peace Organization


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