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New Book Released today by Guy CRÉQUIE

Elgin, IL, USA (October 15, 2015)

Cookcomm announces the release of Philosophy Today - Philosophy Tomorrow by
Guy CRÉQUIE in French and English editions. Details are available on

Dr. Ernesto Kahan has introduced this comprehensive edition:

Whenever Guy CRÉQUIE, a recognized writer and philosopher, makes a
publication like the present one, it always generates a great expectation
among the audience.

His permanent updating of the global policy and social issues, along with
his philosophical knowledge, since the French Revolution of 1789 to the
present, makes a perfect combination for the interpretation of current
problems and dilemmas.

Guy CRÉQUIE is an intellectual dedicated to the promotion of the
culture of world
peace and tolerance with clear humanistic goals. Every injustice
suffered by peoples
due to ethnic, religious or national discrimination, hunger, crime or
terrorist attacks, is immediately responded to by him through courageous
clear writing.

Contact Bruce L. Cook, Cook Communication, cookcomm@xxxxxxxxx


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