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*Objet :* SCANDALE A LA FIFA : corruptions, pots de vin, …..ET LA SITUATION


*corruptions, pots de vin, …..ET LA SITUATION DES PEUPLES que DIRE ?*

- *At Present the media water us relative information with the FIFA.
Sepp Blatter has surprised its world Tuesday by announcing its resignation
of the Fifa. Driven Back by the investigations for corruption aiming its
collaborator close relations, in particular the general secretary of the
organization, Jerome Valcke, Switzerland preferred to throw sponge. It is
not however perhaps at the end of its sorrows.*
- *The resignation of Switzerland indeed intervened a few hours hardly
after new charges of New York Times aiming Jerome Valcke. The American
daily newspaper relays legal sources which show it to be the person in
charge of a transfer of 10 million dollars of the South-African federation
on accounts managed by the former vice-president of the organization Jack
Warner, blamed by American justice in the corruption scandal.*
- *The Fifa tried well to deflate these charges by affirming that Valcke
was of nothing causes some in this transfer and that it was only about one
draft aid programme to the African diaspora in the Caribbean, in the name
of South Africa. But nothing made there. Whereas nine elected officials
from the Fifa and five of its partners were accused for facts of corruption
by American justice, that the buildings of the authority were searched
within the framework of a Swiss procedure for suspicion “of bleaching and
unfair management” surrounding attributions of the World cups 2018 and 2022
in Russia and Qatar, this new jolt was right of that which one regarded as
steadfast. Interpool is also seized, in short the scandal still will reveal
new nauseous convulsions .................................*
- *That then-to add to this unpacking: Currently of many media and
political elected officials regret the silence of the intellectuals on too
many subjects. However, when those are expressed, they are frequently
marginalized or censured.*
- *Then this media unpacking is it made to raise the conscience of the
people, to facilitate their intervention citizen? And well not, they are
drowned information calamitous, scandalous, which returns those as of the
news in brief with which it is necessary to be accustomed. Indeed,
intransigent liberalism without ethics and mercy based on the aspiration
with the power and the money support corruptions in all kinds.*
- *Others indicate: but this kind of article is too far away from the
daily newspaper of the citizens lambda.On the contrary: they are concerned
- *In France for example: pensioners have had their retirement pension
blocked for 30 months, of the craftsmen, farmers are in despair… From 50
years = to find an employment becomes an epopee. A contrario, graduates and
without qualification know unemployment = this by the insufficient absence
of growth certainly, and this one is too unsuited to the green economy,
also of offers remain unsuited to the qualifications in progress for lack
of adaptation of the apparatus of formation.*
- *How wrote it already the large French Marxist philosopher in 1994 in
his work “for a criticism of the reason bioethics to the Editions Odile
Jacob” I want to quote Lucien SEVE, one of large the current philosopher in
the world which one divides completely or not his analyses = it counts!*
- *He wrote I quote on page 86 of his book: ” Never comprehension nor
the extension of the person had not been hustled to this point: All the
more perturbing Changes as they enter in resonance with a crisis
differently vaster and major of company, even of civilization. The social
fabric tears, the psychic identities are concealed, the marriage, work, the
schooling, the policy are deserted in their traditional direction, the
prospects for a better world crumble, the money is posed as a Master of all
the values, inhumanity runs on full board. Can the person remain unscathed
in this great wavering of the references?*
- *Whereas many employment are increasingly precarious = in CDD,
part-time… One sees political leaders and various Institutions to be
worried them stability of their function and his advantages. In pages 338
and 339 of the quoted work: Lucien SEVE could write: ” football becomes
goods certainly particular but which make it possible to produce money and
to build an image having direct and indirect financial effects. At the same
time, competition between TV channels makes this tool marketing a true
industry of programs ................... high level football was converted
into layer of programs and audience i.e. a means for finance!*
- *...................... But, the subordination of the sporting fact to
industrial logic denatures the play and rots the practices ..............”*
- *This contribution does not have the place for long philosophical
developments, however, I note not to have understood as well on the side of
the French government as of his opposition = of the matter denouncing this
scandal to the FIFA: revelations to come from bribes, of sums suggested and
paid if, .......... whose amounts are to be put in relation to the
conditions of existence of so much of our fellow-citizens. This relation is
not made!*
- *I stop this chattering.*
- *Ordinary citizen, social observant writer with the service of the
people, and universal citizen with the service of the people when he does
not sing, but the voice is also a message.*

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