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María Cristina Azcona
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Ada dont worry
There are traitors to Occidental spirit that even put bombs in their own
So there are also thinkers that allow this behaviour
These are sad times for peace
This is like the movie " sleeping with the enemy"
The worst nightmare isnt Isis but their allies inside Occident

María Cristina Azcona
El 25/11/2015 9:56 a. m., "Ada" <ada.aharoni06@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:

To Prof. Johan Galtung,

You are wrong to attack and criticise President Hollande for defending
France and the free world!

The basic problem with fanatic ISLAM is that they want *the whole world
to become MUSLIM, *including you Galtung! They use every method they can
including bombing, suicide bombers and knife stabbing to reach their
religious and political goal, as they did in Paris, in Lebanon, in Russia,
in Bali, and so many other places in the world!

Johan Galtung, instead of attacking Paris and the free world, attack the
savagery of the ISLAMIC STATE, and of the basic doctrine of Islam, to
convert, by all means, the whole population of our global village to the
Muslim faith, under one Muslim ruler - the Caliphate! Be realistic Galtung
and admit the truth. Don’t destroy the free world with your irresponsible
analysis -instead, save it from destruction!

I am so sorry and disappointed to see how much you have changed, since we
met at Queens University in Australia, and you praised me for founding

Prof. Ada Aharoni
IFLAC Founding President
*http://www.iflac.wordpress.com* <http://www.iflac.wordpress.com/>

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