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I saw a  notice that someone signed up.  Feel free to say  hello.

Hi, Jay~~
Thanks for the welcome.  If no one minds, I'd like to dive right in. I  
bought WriteWay Pro a year ago, but didn't do much with it b/c I'm a  creature 
habit & hung on to my handwritten notes & MS Word  for far too long. I've since 
forced myself to adapt to the word processing  function--which does have a 
few nifty features, I've discovered--but I've  encountered a major problem. I 
sent an email to the support address listed  on WriteWay's web site two days 
but, so far, no answer. Perhaps someone here  can help? 
In a nutshell, I recently reformatted my hard drive.  I  reinstalled WriteWay 
and have attempted to register the software again so that I  can shift from 
Demo mode to Pro mode but I keep getting an error message telling  me the 
program is already registered.  How do I get the Demo mode to close  & the Pro 
to open?  The error I'm getting tells me I've registered  the product three 
times.  I'm assuming the first is when I initially loaded  it on my mainframe; 
the second when I put it on my laptop so I could work on a  book on vacation & 
the third has to be when I recently reloaded the software  on my mainframe 
following the restore.  I did get the  demo loaded & the backups of my current 
work to install  correctly--so nothing's lost--but I can't get the professional 
version to unlock  so I can print, etc. Any help would be appreciated!
Candace Irvin

_www.candaceirvin.com_ (http://www.candaceirvin.com/) 

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