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Please read the following. I will be attending along with many other week
I hope many of you can attend also.
Please respond and get your deposits in as soon as possible.

On 5/1/04, Mount St Michael is holding its 6th annual
50/50 Dinner Dance.  Only 300 tickets are sold, and
each ticket cost $100.  The ticket entitles 2 people
to attend the dinner dance.  For week 32 people, we will
allow 3 people to atened.  The ticket entitles you to
a cocktail hour from 6:00PM to 7:00PM which includes
beer wine and soda, and a buffet dinner from 7:00PM to

The music will be provided by Week 32's own Tony and Al.  We are
giving away $15,000 in cash prizes.  One of the
tickets will be worth $10,000.  So if 3 people
purchase a ticket for $33.30 each, and they win, they
would split the $10,000 or $3,333.33 each.  Not bad
for only $33.30 for a night out, eating, dancing and a
chance to win some big money and to be with out
friends from week 32.  Each year we have sold all the
tickets, so I will save 20 tickets for the week 32
gang.  I will put all the guests on the same tables,
if they desire, or they could tell me who they would
like to sit with.
There are also raffles, door prizes and a bingo game
which is worth $500.00, better then Villa Roma Bingo.
Even if you cannot attend, you are still entitled to
win the money.

If you have any questions, you can reach Frank at
914-741-0547 or e-mail at

Mount St Michael is located at 4300 Murdock Avenue,
Brony, NY 10466.  For most of you, 45 minutes or less.

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