[wisb] Milwaukee BIOME Project begins 14th field season next week

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 13:55:36 -0500

The Milwaukee BIOME Project started 7 years ago as MCAMMP, The Milwaukee
County Avian Migration Monitoring Partnership. We?ve done vegetation
sampling, bird-banding, avian transect counts, and have expanded our
research to include a focus on bats. We use transect counts and
mist-netting to determine avian species richness, timing of migration, and
abundance - at 8 study sites in Wisconsin's largest urban area. Our team
consists of 12 scientists - and over the past 7 years we have trained over
150 volunteers.
Members of the BIOME Project team have a new publication due out very soon
in the journal Studies in Avian Biology.

Team members from Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center, WI DNR, University of
Hawai'i and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee keep this effort alive season
after season.

Given the paucity of information about urban habitats, our overall
objective is to assess habitat quality for migratory birds and changes in
habitats within Milwaukee County, WI.  To address this overall objective
our goals are to:  1) assess habitat use and quality in riparian and upland
sites; 2) study habitat use by migratory species; and 3) train
citizen-scientists to begin monitoring birds in Milwaukee and to work in
conjunction with scientists on addressing urban ecology questions.

This fall will bring new methodology, new partners, 2 new undergraduate
interns from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and new volunteers.

If you're interested in participating, write or call for more information.
William P. Mueller
Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory
WGLBBO online: <wpmueller1947@xxxxxxxxx>
Project Coordinator, Milwaukee BIOME Project
BIOME Project online:
Milwaukee, WI

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