[wisb] Lake Park, Milwaukee, 5/6/2009- Hooded Warbler, Grasshopper Sparrow

  • From: Sam Corbo <skcorbo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 13:47:48 -0500

Hey folks,

A great late morning/early afternoon at Lake Park in Milwaukee today.  After
a slow start, things really started picking up at a little before noon.  The
was a pretty good variety of warblers (16) as well as sparrows (10 +
Towhee).  I was surprised that, despite evidence of a pretty good movement
of birds over the last few days, vireo numbers were low (only one,
Blue-headed) and still no flycatchers.

The morning was highlighted by Hooded Warbler and Grasshopper Sparrow.  I
first caught what I was pretty sure was the end of the Hooded Warbler call
just north of the bridge by the Bistro.  I walked through Locust Ravine, and
then along its western ridge, trying to relocate the bird.  I had convinced
myself that I was crazy and hearing things when the bird called twice more
closeby.  I was never able to get my binoculars on it, but it was calling
from the northern hillside along Ravine Road.  The Grasshopper Sparrow was
very close to this spot (how often do you get those two species less than 75
feet from one another?  gotta love migration!).  A smallish sparrow flushed
from low in the brush over my head, landing across North Lake Park Road
(north side of Ravine Road), landing on a picnic table, giving me a great
looks at the central white crown stripe and its buffy-yellow face and
chest.  A Clay-colored Sparrow was singing in this same spot.

Orange-crowned Warbler (1)
Nashville Warbler (10-15)
Northern Parula (3)
Yellow Warbler (5)
Chestnut-sided Warbler (3)
Cape May Warbler (1)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (abundant)
Black-throated Green Warbler (10-15)
Palm Warbler (abundant)... nearly as numerous as Yellow-rumps now
Blackpoll Warbler (3)
Black-and-White Warbler (5)
American Redstart (1)
Ovenbird (1)
Northern Waterthrush (1)
Common Yellowthroat (1)
Hooded Warbler (1)

Chipping (20)
Clay-colored (1)
Field (2)
Savannah (5)
Grasshopper (1)
Song (10)
Lincoln's (10)
Swamp (5)
White-throated (abundant)
White-crowned (20)

Things are really picking up out there!  Good birding!
Sam Corbo
Sam Corbo
Milwaukee, WI

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