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  • Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 17:33:03 -0500

After a rather poor shorebird morning at Horicon (probably only 50
shorebirds total, 10 species), I decided to check out the shorebird spot
below the dam in Hustisford.

Well, Dave Schrab has found a jewel of a shorebird spot. Not huge numbers (
I saw about 150 individuals and 10 species), but as Dave has mentioned, you
can get close to these birds and really enjoy them.

Highlights for me were about 17 Wilson's Phalaropes (Dave said his last
count was 15 and since I'm terrible at counting, maybe he is right),

several Stilt Sandpipers (one still in breeding plumage), the crisp,
juvenile Baird's Sandpiper, and best of all, 4 juvenile Short-billed
Dowitchers, so bright and well marked that even I could Identify them.

I got to meet Dave and to thank him for posting this great spot.

To get there from downtown Hustisford, take E. Griffith Ave to the river and
park near the utility company. There is a rough path which passes behind the
fence of the utility company, and you can take it downstream for a short
walk to the pond in the river. Sit on the gravel

under the Boxelder tree in the shade and enjoy. I took my scope along but
found I could easily identify all the birds with binoculars.


Thomas Wood,Menomonee Falls,Waukesha County




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