[winxp] XP eats modem definitions...

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:22:37 +0100 (MET)


I've got a strange problem with my XP. I used Google several times and
searched some XP sites but until now I have found nothing concering that 
I'm still using an old modem connection with a quite new US Robotics
56K/V.90. This worked fine for several weeks then from one day to the next XP
brought error messages like 728 or 761 or 721, that the remote host rejected or
line was busy or no signal. As the cable to the telephon jack had about 20
meters over three floors, I first changed the cable, then the position of
computer&modem to use a 3 m cable, I changed the jack/slot, the modem, I 
deleted the
modem in XP and reconfigured it, I tried other providers. Nothing worked,
while normal connections with a telephone did well.
I don't know exactly why, and even if it seemed to me more like a physical
problem, but I in these times I had a lot of free time and then somehow I
decided to reinstall XP. And everything worked again without doing nothing from
the first moment.
We settled to a new flat, but everthing was fine for some weeks until two
weeks ago when XP said maybe every second time that the line's busy or that
there's no signal or the connection had a terrible low speed. But it still
worked, only needed several trials. But each day it became worse. As the 
of the telephone connection is sometimes poor in that flat and there have
always been some problems with an additional fax, I first tried again a new and
shorter cable, plugging in only the modem, using different jacks/slots,
deleting and reconfiguring the modem. Then I called a technician from the phone
provider and he was so kind to change the whole box in the wall. No difference.
Sometimes its occupied, sometimes no signal, sometimes nothing happens and
maybe every 10 times there's a connection of exactly 4,8 Kb/s which isn't
really usable, while the phone works fine.
So I reinstalled again XP and again afterwards it worked fine. But I haven't
got as many free time as before and this can't be the only solution.

So, has anyone had similar experiences with XP and are there any other
solutions (apart form changing to Linux or a different connection)?

Thank You!

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